On Tour with Luke Hemmings

I've know Luke forever. He's my best friends brother. And now Im going on tour with him and the boys for a year. There's nothing that could go wrong. Right?



3. Chapter 2


The plane starts to lift off as me and Luke fool around. "I think I would treat you better than Ian did......." He breaks all silence.


I stop and look down. "Luke I know he was mean. But I let him be mean. I didn't stop him....."


"Because you were to scared...." He pulls me in for a hug.




Tess and Calum were sitting next to each other on the plane. "So..." Calum says. "How is Riley with the whole Ian thing...."


"I mean. She loved him so. She's still trying to get over him..." She looks back at her phone.


"Oh..." He touched Tess's shoukder


"Ah.. Ouch...." Tess holds her shoukder and winces.


"Oh my gosh. I'm sorry...." He turned towards Tess.


"Oh it's nothing. Nothing much....." She try's to play it off.


"No. Tess..." He lifts up her shirt to reveal a big bruise on her shoukder and arm. "Who. What the. Who did this..." He looks her straight in the eye.


"It was no one..." She shrugs


"Please. Tess tell me...." He pouts.


"You promise not to tell Riley. I don't want to hurt her..." Tess says and looks over to the room me and Luke are in. We were fooling around agian.


"Ya. I won't tell anyone...." Calum looks at the bruise.


"It was Ian....." She says.

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