On Tour with Luke Hemmings

I've know Luke forever. He's my best friends brother. And now Im going on tour with him and the boys for a year. There's nothing that could go wrong. Right?



1. Chapter 1



Me and Tess had been best friends since we could talk. But I never thought it would go this far. And of course I said yes when she asked me to come on tour with her and her brother.


A whole year with the boys and Tess. It's not that I didn't want to go along but I'd rather be with Tess for a whole year then with the boys and Tess for a whole year.


But I've known Luke, her brother, since ever too. He's been like my older brother. When Ian broke up with me, he punched the shit out of him. Ian was the bad boy in school and he would get in your head and get whatever he wanted from you and toss you back into the ever growing sea of abused exs.


My dad was always on business trips to America or England so he was never there to protect me, but Luke was and when all the boys where home, I never left their side.


My mom died when I was 7 of leukemia. I don't remember her much other than she thaught Luke and Calum how to play guitar. And also saving Tess from the pool in our backyard because she can't swim.


"Pick up your card!" Tess snaps me back into reality. We were sitting on her living room floor, waiting for Luke to come pick us you. I hadn't seen him in month. And I kinda miss him. Ian had ganged up on me and I had a couple bruises yet on my thighs.


I picked up the card and flipped it to her. Her face became red when it hit her cheek. She slowly rose and looked at me. I quickly stood up and darted for the backyard.


She chased me as I closed the back door. She of course ran into the door and stumbled to the ground. I laughed at her. She got up and I quickly ran into the front yard.


I turned around to peak of she was still after me. I stepped into the street by accident and walk backwards. I saw her coming around the corner when I heard a car horn.


"Luke!" Tess screamed and started to run to me. I looked to my side to see a limo with Luke in the back. I smiled at him and then started for his car door. He opened it and the Tess almost tackled him by jump onto him.


"Hey Tess..." Luke hugged her back and held her up. I leaned against the limo and watched them.


"I haven't seen you in so long..." She whispered in his ears. Luke set her down and looked at her.


He then looked at me and I smiled at him. "Hi Luke.." I could feel myself blushing as I held out my arms for him. He hugged me and picked me up spinning in circles.


"Oh Riley..." He set me down and looked at me. I hated it when he said my name. I liked him and something about saying my name took me down. "How have you been..." He asked.


"I-I could be better.." I laughed. His hands were on my hips and we looked into eachothers eyes.


"Oh com'on." Tess groaned. "Just flipping get a room.." He opened the limo door and our our luggage in. I giggled as Luke took his hands off me.


And this was the start of a whole year with Luke Hemmings.



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"You look so perfect-"

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