The Bad Boy Is My Neighbor


Amanda Brooks just moved into FloRida, Miami with her rich stuck up parents. She was forced to go to a school full of stuck up brats and bad boys and more.

What happens when her neighbor is the hottest, baddest, most annoying boy known to man? Alexander Williams.

They start with dislike and annoyance and they may be friends and maybe have feelings for each other but what happens when they're both in obstacles that they don't even realize where mazes in their life, what will they stand in the end?


1. PROLOGUE: Moving and Meetings

P R O L O G U E : Moving and Meeting

The moving truck just arrive on its destination. It was not an ordinary house. Bigger than that, really bigger. No not a castle but a mansion. They lived in a rich neighborhood where everyone was wealthy.

Amanda got out of the car of her parents car. Her parents are the CEO of Brooks inc. and she's the one who's going to run it once she turns twenty-one.

She stared in awe as she looked at their new house, they moved here in FloRida from Switzerland where all her friends are. She was popular and she has no doubt she will be again once she goes to school, I mean she won't deny she's beautiful and has the right curves and sexy and a tall height from her parents genes, she's 5'11.

She went inside their house–mansion and picked a bedroom. She got all her boxes and decorated her bedroom.

She finally finished it was already late and it was dinner time and her mom just called her and decided to take another look at her bedroom before going downstairs to eat, well the ground floor since the house was three floors, her parents floor is the third and hers is the second, all of the second floor, and the bottom part is just you know the normal stuff a house would have.

She sat down on one of the chairs and looked around the house and already loving it, she does miss her friends back in Switzerland but they were fake friends anyway she just used them. She knows what you're thinking, she's a stuck up bitch. No, she only used them because they betrayed her every chance they got.

Yeah enough about the shitty fake friends and focus on the delicious meal her mother served.

They may be stuck up parents but they were parents when you needed them.

"So, how do you like the house so far Mandy?" Her mother asked, well Mandy is her family nickname that only her family calls her.

"I love it! I just finished decorating my bedroom." She exclaimed happily

"Well I'm glad because this where we are staying for a long time." Her father said

"Yes! Thank you guys." She took a bite of her lasagna, "I wonder who's our neighbors..." She wondered. I hope they're nice. She thought.

She finished dinner as the maids or servants or whatever cleaned it. Wondering how they got maids/servants so quickly? Her parents already hired them before they moved here in the mansion.

She talked to Andy her personal maid to bake her cookies and bring up some milk and said thank you before going up to her room and laid on her bed she got out of bed again as she remembered something.

She sorted out her stuff for school the next day, she put her galaxy themed Jansport on the side near the table and just went back to bed eating the cookies that Andy just gave to her.

She looked out her balcony (pretend she has) and saw someone look out their balcony as well.

"Hey!" She yelled to get the attention of the person on the balcony next to hers, well their balcony were a little close, only about four to six feet apart.

When the person turned around her breath got stuck out in her throat as she just saw the hottest guy ever in the world well for her. She finally recovered.

"Hi! I'm Amanda." She introduced herself

"I'm Alexander, just call me Alex." He introduced back and winked

Okay all that hot guy was true but I'm almost a hundred percent sure that he's a player. Oh well, he can still be my friend. She thought in her mind.

"You new around here?" He asked.


"Whatever. Wanna come?" He asked


"Here. Tomorrow. Maybe we can do something new if you know what I mean." He winked again

"Ugh. No thanks. I'll think about it." She said disgusted. "Wait where do you study?"

"RiverDale High." He answered while chewing a gum. When did he get a gum?

"Ooh! Same. Well, I got to go. See you tomorrow Alexander." She bid goodbye.

"Okay. Bye. And it's Alex, Amanda." He bid goodbye too before going back to his room.

Well I'm going to see him tomorrow. RiverDale High, I'm ready for you

She sighed and decided to sleep and get ready for tomorrow.


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