The Night In Restaurant

A revenge is something which every human believe that it should be taken but in which manner that is more important.....


1. The Night In Restaurant

"Good morning Mr. How are you feeling now? I have not seen you earlier in this area. Well first of all tell me what your real name is because calling you mister is incomplete for me. It makes me feel like I am calling an alien. By the way before you ask me anything I should tell you. You maybe feeling that who is this big-head person, where you are right now, or how you reached here. So Mr. myself Mustafa Zain. I am basically a shepherd. Last night when I was returning from the city market after having a delicious dinner of Mutton Rogan Josh and Yogurt Lamb Curry I saw you lying on the road side taking support of a tree. You were severely hit by a gun-shot on your left-hand shoulder and your back. If I would have not reached there at time then till now you must have been rested in peace. Do you remember anything??" asks Mustafa to the young guy who seemed very confused and scared.

"Well thank you sir for what all you did for me. I am Aya...” suddenly the young boy stopped.

"What happened gentleman? Anything wrong?" asks Mustafa.

"Nothing nothing Sir. My name is Aryan Kumar. I live in Anantnag. Last week I along with my 5 friends came here in the beautiful snowy mountains of Gulmarg for a vacation. It was fourth day of our vacation when this story started.  Mustafa Sir we went into an restaurant which was near our hotel. It was named 'The Delicious Reign'. It was around 8:30 PM when we entered the restaurant. As soon as I entered the restaurant I felt that there was some different essence there that day. The air was speaking a different language that day. I tried to ignore that feeling. All of my friends were enjoying there, ordering their favorite dishes and drinks, making fun of each other, when suddenly a group of 10 people entered the restaurant with heavy ammunition. Each and everyone's face was covered. One from the group of 10 ran towards the Manager’s office and shot him. Manager died at the spot. Two of the persons covered the main gate. Another person started to do air-firing to make all the people inside the restaurant scared. The guy who shot the manager came running towards our group and grabbed one of our female friend Alisha Hassan and took her back to the manager's room and locked the room from inside. All the people left in the restaurant along with my group were unable to understand that what all was going on there as all this happened within a minute time span. I remember there were total of 15 females present in the restaurant at that time excluding the three of our group. Another person who was having a AK-47 in his hand started video recording of the situation and after 5 minutes he sent the video recording to the e-mail of the famous TV News channels 'Parso tak','Times Then' and 'ABD News'. In the time-span of 8.5 minutes all the news channel were telecasting the news of this incident and their News vans were standing outside the restaurant. The whole restaurant was covered by the BSF team within 11 minutes. Heavy firing started from both the ends. When suddenly from the manager's room a loud shouting of pain and anguish started to come. Just after 4 minutes the terrorist of the manager room came out with a cut arm piece and an eye ball in another hand. He threw them out of the restaurant towards the entry point of the restaurant and them made an announcement through a loud speaker that if firing by the BSF people will not be stopped and their demands will not be not completed within 6 hours then all the people will suffer the same pain and will end up losing their lives. We all were in a state of shock. We were out of our senses at that time. Then one of the terrorists went inside the manager's room and in a very bad and thrashing manner took out the body of Alisha and threw it on the food-taking counter. After seeing the disgusting state of the body I started to vomit continuously. All the clothes were torn off. The whole body was covered with blood. Her half head was bald. Her nose was cut off. Her face was unrecognizable. Then the same terrorist who was inside the manager's office and made her like this, went inside the kitchen and came out with a big-size knife and started cutting her body into small pieces. I shouted that please stop this. Please I beg you. Please stop this. As soon as I was about to say anything more, one guy pointed his gun towards me and asked me to be quiet otherwise he will kill me too. I got very scared then. Within 12-13 minutes, the whole body of Alisha was converted into small pieces of about 5 cm. Then that man took all the pieces in a polythene bag and kept that bag in the cold storage fridge. Everyone present in the restaurant was scared and was unable to understand that what they should do now to escape. Suddenly one customer who was a foreigner I guess because his speaking accent was very different from us ran towards the washroom. I don't know why he did this act. As soon as he was about to open the door of the washroom, one bullet straight away went through exactly from the middle of his forehead and he died at the moment. One of the terrorist went near his body and took out all the money and accessories he was having and then threw the body out of the restaurant. During all this time, I was thinking the way to get out of the restaurant because it was confirm that if we will not get out, we are going to lose our life for sure. Their terror was filling inside my mind. I was lost in the memories of the time when I was seeing off to my parents and my elder sister before leaving for this trip. My mother was giving me three lunch boxes and I was like what are you doing mom, I am not going to eat this food even there and even after this she kept those boxes in my bag. My father was again and again asking me to keep the money safely, half with me and some in the bag. My younger sister who is just 6 yrs old now was sitting on my lap and again and again was asking me out that what I was going to bring for her after returning from the trip. The last hug from mom. That hug was the longest ever. The last love you forehead kiss from her to me. This trip was my first trip ever which I was going without my family. When I was sat in the car, my mother came running to me and asked to come as soon as possible and to take care of myself. I know she is not here. I know that she maybe not having a point one percent idea that her son is trapped here. When all these feeling and moments were going through my mind and I was totally lost in them, suddenly my mobile phone rang. As soon as I took it out of my pocket, I saw that the call was of my mother. My eyes were filled with tear at that moment. As I was about to pick up the call, a bullet stroked to my phone and shattered it into small pieces. I was totally shaken after this. I lost the last hope of survival too. After an hour of this and continuous bullet firing, suddenly everything turned silent. From outside through a loudspeaker, demands of these terrorists were asked. The head of these terrorist, one who killed the manager and Alisha replied to them that they want the Honourable Peace Minister of our state Jammu and Kashmir 'Mohd. Ghulam Hassan' in the restaurant within 45 minutes otherwise they are going to kill each and every individual present in the restaurant. The outer public and officials were stunned after listening to this demand of the terrorists. Even I was shocked after listening to this because Alisha was daughter of Mr.Hassan only. I was unable to understand neither was anyone else that why they wanted Mr.Ghulam in the restaurant. When the officials present outside rejected their appeal and asked them to demand something else, then the head terrorist straightaway replied that there is no substitute of their demand and if they were not going to complete it then get ready to see the whole Jammu and Kashmir experiencing a rage of enormous number of blasts in the whole state as soon as the time limit of 45 minutes end. He also told the officials that they don't need to worry they are not going to hurt the minister in any manner and as soon as the minister Hassan will enter the restaurant, they will free all the hostages. After listening to this, all the officials out there were really in shock that why the terrorists were so keen to get peace minister. The officials straight away rejected their proposal stating that their demand is totally unacceptable and they should either ask for something else or they will be not left out with any other option of keep on attacking them and kill them all. 

The head of the terrorist group replied to them,"Do you really think we have a fear of losing our lives? Do you really think we will even think for a second before sacrificing our lives to complete our mission? So, it's better you complete our will and we will do everything peacefully and without damage. And please tell respected minister that his daughter Ms. Alisha is with us here inside only. So if he wants her to live more, please come to the restaurant as soon as possible."

After listening to this, the officials straight away talked to Mr. Ghulam and told him all the scenario. I don't know exactly what the officials informed him but after 10 minutes a message came from their side that minister is on his way to reach here and will be present here any minute. This was the first time I was experiencing the domination of the terrorists over the officials. Suddenly the head of terrorist group went to his eight members and said somethingto them. After listening to him, all the eight terrorists went to the upper floor of the restaurant. The remaining one terrorist was standing on the window near the main entry gate of the restaurant. Then the head of the group went to the door of the kitchen and called the terrorist who was on the window, inside the kitchen. After few minutes head of the group came out and called another soldier and called him to into the kitchen and after few minutes the head of the group only came out. Slowly within 20 minutes, he did the same thing with all the remaining seven soldiers. What was there in the kitchen, which I didn’tknow? I was unable to understand what was going on inside there between all the nine soldiers but I thought maybe they are discussing the escape plan out there. After 20 more minutes suddenly the officials made an announcement that the minister has arrived here, so now what he needs to do. The head of the terrorist group then asked them to send the minister alone to the main door of the restaurant. After that he will send 19 hostages out of the restaurant and when the minister will come inside after that he will send the remaining 7 hostages out. He even told them if they will try anything clever, then he will not even think for a nanosecond before killing all the hostages. The officials agreed to do as he directed. When minister reached the main door, the head of terrorist group turned off all the light of the restaurant and opened the main door, threw 19 hostages out, grabbed the minister and threw him inside the restaurant and closed the door immediately. Then when he was sure that the person who was inside is no one else except the peace minister, he slowly again opened the door and send all the hostages out. Even I went out then. After that all the lights immediately turned on. As soon as the light turned on and before Mr.Ghulam had understood anything, the head of the terrorist group, hit him hard on his head with his gun and he fall down on the floor his face facing the floor. When he turned around and saw the face of the leader, his face reaction was like that he has seen a ghost. He was totally shaken out. The leader was no one else than 'Mr. Ayaan Khan' his ex-personal assistant whom he along with his guards killed and threw the body in the Dal lake.

Ayaan Khan was not just his personal assistant but was the right hand of Mohd. Ghulam Hassan. Ayaan was an MBA from Amity London but due to some family problem he was doing the job of PA. Ayaan was the most qualified and talented member in the whole team of minister. He got the job of PA when he was 27 years old back in 2012.  He was an utmost honest person. Mr. Hassan used to treat Ayaan as his son. He used to care a lot about Ayaan. In May 2013, a terrorist attack took place in Bhaderwah. In that attack, more than 450 people lost their life. There were 15 terrorists responsible for that attack. When the BSF came and the collision between both the teams started, after 3 days (collision lasted) it was reported that 9 terrorists were killed and 6 of them escaped from the building and are now in some place of Jammu. Due to this, Emergency and Curfew were called in the state resulting in the delay of elections for 5 months. Elections which had to take place in the same month. Mohd. Ghulam Hassan was CM of the state at that time. Within a week photos of remaining 6 terrorists were spread all over the state. After two months one night at 2 AM, Ayaan went to Mr. Hassan's house for some official work. When he reached the house, and was about to ring the bell of the house, his eyes saw through one of the window that those 6 terrorists were sitting on the dining table of the house and were having dinner. In one of the chairs Mr. Hassan was sitting and was laughing on the conversation which was taking place in between them. Ayaan was unable to understand that what those terrorists were doing there and why the minister was not doing anything. Ayaan rang the bell. One of the servants came and opened the door. When Ayaan reached to the minister and asked him that what all these people are doing here, Minister replied by saying that they are his people only. The attack was done on my confirmation only as elections were taking place in that month and I was not sure whether I will win or not, so I had to do something to postpone the elections. Ayaan was totally shaken after listening to this. He was unable to understand that how can someone go to this level just because the individual was unsure whether he will win the elections or not. Ayaan straight away told CM that he is going to police and telling them the whole story and after that will go to the media and will expose him. When Ayaan reached the police station and told them the whole story, they along with Ayaan came to minister's house. When they reached there, Ayaan found that his own wife Anushka was already inside. All the policemen were also people of minister. They all went inside the house and threw Ayaan out of the house. Ayaan continuously started to bang the door. From inside the loud voice of crying, shouting of Anushka were coming out and suddenly the screaming stopped. From the first floor balcony, Mohd. Ghulam threw the cut face of Anushka down. The face was totally damaged. And within a minute both hands, both legs, nose, eyes, ears and at the last the stomach area were thrown down. Ayaan went mad after seeing all that. He was crying the hell out. He was picking up each piece and trying to join them. Then three guards came out and started to beat up Ayaan. After hitting him for 20-25 minutes, when he was almost dead, they put him in one car and threw his body in the Dal Lake.

Then, in the restaurant, Ayaan asked Minister, you are confused right? I think you are thinking that how am I here when you killed me a year back. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Firstly I am myself confused. I should say you sir or bloody bitch. Well leave this. Well I think you know that when wrong is about to win, a superpower, who we people know as GOD comes for the rescue of the right. That day also God came. God came to rescue me.

 After throwing me in the lake, all your men left that place. One boatman was driving his boat at that place at that time. He saw that at one end a human body was floating. When he reached there and checked, he realized that the person was alive and was having were slow pulse rate. He immediately took him to the nearest hospital where doctors helped him to revive. I was that person Mr. Hassan. It took me 4 months to stand back on my legs. If I wished then I could have directly went to the media and could have exposed you. Why the hell you brought my wife in our fight? What was her fault? Why you killed her? Why you cut her body off like that? Why? Why? Why?

After saying the last why, Ayaan hit Mohd. Ghulam again with his gun. Then he grabbed him from his collar and took him to cold storage fridge. He then took out the body pieces of Alisha and started to throw each piece in front of Mohd.Ghulam. He told Minister, that these pieces are of no one else then your dearest daughter Alisha. If you can fix them all you can, maybe she revives. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Mohd.Ghulam was crying a lot then and was just taking each piece one by one and trying to connect them. As soon as he was picking a piece up, the second piece was thrown on the floor by Ayaan. He collected all the pieces in the polythene, kept the polythene near his heart and started to cry loud, very loud. Minister then asked Ayaan to kill him too and his survival without his daughter was not possible and of no use. Minister told Ayaan that he was really sad and feeling guilty what he did to him and his wife. Ayaan replied that you will have to live Hasan, you will have to feel the pain which I have gone through all this time. You will have to feel that how difficult it is to survive without your loved ones. You will have to feel that how it feels when someone who is closest to you dies in front of you and what all you get of him/her is pieces of body part. Ghulam was continuously crying. He grabbed Ayaan's foot and started to beg him to kill him. Ayaan kicked him back. He captured his left foot and dragged him to the main door of the restaurant. When he was about to open the door and throw him out, something hit his mind and he again closed the door. He took him to one of the dining table and made the minister sit on the chair. He went inside manager's room and came out with a lady. When Minister saw that lady, he eyes were filled with heavy drops of tears again and he ran towards the lady and as soon as he was about to hug her, the lady backed off and asked him to stop. The lady was Alisha Hassan, daughter of Mohd. Ghulam Hassan. He was totally shocked on seeing her. He was even shocked that if Ayaan had killed her then how is she standing in front of him right now? Alisha just said one sentence at that time to his father. She said “Dad you are not my hero anymore.” As soon as Hassan heard it, he fell on the floor. 

Alisha then said, "Dad from the day of my birth to few hours before, you were the only man I could have trusted and loved the most. But dad I never thought that my superhero can do anything like this. How could you do Dad? How could you kill a lady dad? Even more, how can you kill 450+ people and can bring in danger of all the BSF members just for your sake dad? I mean how could a person can do to such cheapness that just because he is unsure that whether he will get his seat in the upcoming elections? Dad you were my role model. You were the inspiration of my life. Dad when Ayaan took me to the manager's office and told me about all this, at first I was not at all either interested in his words or were believing him but Dad when he showed me all the hospital bills, photo of his wife, he not tried to hurt me even for a second, and above all when he himself killed all the REAL terrorists one by one because he didn't want to hurt anyone. All these things proved that he was right Dad. And at the end you confirmed it when you yourself accepted your dreadful act. Dad it was not a long back when I was the most proud daughter of the most honorable Peace minister of Jammu and Kashmir but now dad I feel that I should kill myself because I can't survive with this truth that my father is a killer."

Mohd. Ghulam while crying replied to her," Dear please don't say this. I know I have done wrong but please didn’t say you hate your father. Please don't say that you don't want to live anymore. Please don't say that I am NOT your hero anymore. I am ready to do whatever you will ask me to do to revive the trust and love which I have lost of you. I know that for my greed I have done number of bad activites. I am very guilty for it dear. Please forgive me, please."

Alisha replied, "Dad it's impossible for me to give you the same respect and position in my life again but yes you can do a little compensation by going to media by your own and confessing all your acts. Dad I wish that you would have thought once before killing those 450+ innocent people and Ayaan's wife. Dad I am going. I am going away from you. I just wish that in future we will NEVER meet."

Alisha holds her father's hands and take him out of the restaurant whereas Ayaan escapes the place from the back door of the restaurant. When Alisha took Mohd. Ghulam, her father, out, all the officials ran towards him to check whether he was all right or not. Ghulam asked all of them to stop wherever they were. He went to media person and confessed each and everything about the terrorist attack, his fear of elections and above all the killing of Ayaan's wife Anushka and attempt to kill Ayaan too. After that he also told that inside there is no terrorist alive anymore and their head was no one else Ayaan and he had no intention to spread fear. He just wanted to make me realize my mistake and wanted me to confess it. Today I have lost my daughter too, though she is alive but she hates me now. I am ready to take all the punishments which the respected judicial system of our country will give to me. While Ghulam was confessing, a team of BSF entered the restaurant and found out 10 dead bodies from inside. 9 were of terrorists and one of the foreigner who was killed by one of the terrorist. There was no clue left for the existence of Ayaan at that place."

This story Aryan told to Mustafa.

"Janaab........ All this happened to a small life like you and you survived? You are really very courageous dear. You rest, I will bring tea and some breakfast for you. You don't take much pain my son." says Mustafa to Aryan.

At the evening around 7 PM, Mustafa came running to the room where Aryan was residing and was looking very confused.

"Son, you will not believe but from the morning I am just thinking about you and the incidents which took place to you. While I was thinking about the same I suddenly realized that how could the BSF were able to find just 10 bodies inside when 11 were killed inside. 9 terrorists, one foreigner and one manager. Also my son, when you were able to come out of the restaurant after peace minister entered the restaurant then how you know in such detail that what happened after with peace minister once he entered the restaurant?????" asks with a confused voice Mustafa.

"Well...Sir I never imagined that these two questions will come in your mind so quickly. Sir, many of us complain to God that we have not seen You so why we should believe that You exist. To prove his existence God always does some miracles which changes human mentality and his idea towards the existence of God. Sir, the story which I told you is of two different individuals living in one body. Sir, after a boatman saved Ayaan, and 4 months later while leaving the hospital Ayaan left his identity too and changed himself to Aryan for the whole world because he wanted to take revenge from Mohd. Ghulam as a new person. Where Ayaan's only motto of life was to take revenge and let the minister experience the same pain, Aryan used to bring calm to Ayaan's mind at tough situation. Ayaan is the physical body whereas Aryan is the inner character. I am Ayaan, Ayaan Khan. My motto was not to hurt anyone but was just to make Ghulam realize what the pain of losing our closest one is. I didn't kill even a single person. The manager of the restaurant was no one else except Akash Husain, my childhood friend. He helped me out in the execution of this plan of revenge. Inside his office he kept a dead body borrowed from the nearby mortuary on my request. When I entered his office, I immediately asked him to leave the place from the back door of restaurant which was inside his office because only I knew the reality. When I took Alisha inside the manager's room, I cut the arms of the dead body and took out the eye and threw it outside the restaurant to the BSF. Then I cut the same dead body into pieces to show them to Ghulam as Alisha's body parts. This is the truth of why BSF people found just 10 bodies inside the restaurant. And now before you have any doubt that how I injured myself and reached the tree I should tell it to you myself. I feel my beloved wife Anushka didn't love the new cruel and revenge seeking Ayaan so she decided to punish me from heaven. When I was running from the restaurant and I reached that tree, suddenly a car hit me and I fall down and with extreme efforts I reached that tree where you saw me. I believe Anushka only sent you from heaven to save me. One more thing Mr.Mustafa. I don't know who God is but for me it's you. I don't know you remember or not but a year back you were the only one who saved me in Dal lake and took me to the hospital. It's true today I believe that God cannot be present everywhere everytime so to compensate that he has given birth to people like you. Thank you once again sir." tells Ayaan to Mustafa.

Mohd.Ghulam was given the punishment of death to sentence by the respected Supreme Court of India but due to a request made by Ayaan and daughter of Ghulam, Alisha to the President of India, the decision was changed to life imprisonment

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