The Heart of Fairy Tail

When Arceus falls ill and a Gardevoir prophesies that anarchy will reign if Arceus dies and has no successor, the Alpha Pokemon picks a Lopunny for his replacement and sends the Rabbit Pokemon into the land of Fiore. Now... what happens when the Lopunny meets Fairy Tail?


1. Prologue

Hello all my peeps... if I have any... anyways, this is literally my first posted fanfic, so please be nice with your complaints. The word count (1383) will get longer depending on what you guys want. Do you want more of a word count or no?

        On a beautiful day in the Kalos Region, a mostly brown-furred Pokemon wandered through the forest aimlessly. This pokemon was a Normal-type by the name of Lopunny the Rabbit Pokemon. It's a humanoid Pokemon that looked very much like, well, a rabbit. It had a slender body covered in brown fur, long legs, and very long and large ears. Cream-colored fur cloaked its wrists, its legs from the knee down, and the bottom half of the ears. The tail and long eyebrow-like fur were of the same cream color (look at the image).

        Lopunny was looking for her brother, who had disappeared nearly a week ago. So far, no luck. Lopunny growled as she kicked a rock in frustration. "There's no way for a Pokemon to just disappear like that. Especially if there's no Trainers in the area." The Rabbit Pokemon muttered angrily, "So what could it be?" Just then, a rustling sound came from the bushes behind her, and she whirled around just in time to see a hedgehog-like creature emerge from the bushes.
        This is a Legendary Pokemon known as Shaymin. Shaymin is a rare type of Pokemon. A pokemon that has the ability to change forms. Currently, Shaymin was in its Land Forme, which (as I said) looked very close to a hedgehog. It had white fur covering its body, and it had very bushy lime green fur where the spines of a hedgehog would be. A pink flower with dark green leaves was in the lime green fur by the Pokemon's head as if it was a hair accessory.
        The Legendary looked at Lopunny with a smile. "Lopunny, there you are. I've been looking all over for you." Shaymin said, happiness in its voice. The cream and brown Pokemon just gave a blank stare, confusing the hedgehog-like Pokemon. "Hey, I have some good news for you if you want it." Shaymin stated with concern. Lopunny cracked a relieved smile. "Well, tell me then."
        Shaymin nodded in response and smiled again. "Arceus wants you to be his successor. He hopes you accept because... well..." That's all it had to say for Lopunny to understand. Arceus has fallen ill, and his condition was worse each day. When a Gardevoir predicted anarchy caused by the Alpha Pokemon's death and no successor, Arceus started searching for possibilities, and obviously he had picked Lopunny. But...
        "Why? Why me?" Shaymin chuckled at the question. "He said that you're a level 100 wild pokemon, and not only that, you also carry a Mega Stone. You would be more powerful than him, and that's what he wants. You know why he wants it too." Shaymin declared sadly. Yeah. Lopunny knew exactly why. The dark dragon.
        The Rabbit Pokemon shuddered at the thought of the giant being. It was no Pokemon, that was for sure. Lopunny then decided her fate as she looked at the Legendary before her. "I accept." And then...         Lopunny's mouth fell open as she gazed at the three Legendaries in awe. How she got to Arceus's sacred dimension is something she may never know, but she didn't really care at this point. She cared only of the mission that she accepted just hours before now.
        "Lopunny, I see you have accepted my request. Now," The Alpha Pokemon summoned all the stone-tablet-like plates and placed them in front of the Rabbit Pokemon. "Pick 5 to start with. The rest you'll have to find or unlock. This is to keep you from... well... you know..." Lopunny nodded in understanding, thinking over her choices. After a moment or two, the pokemon smirked. "I'll take the Flame, Zap, Iron, Sky, and Dread Plates." She declared, feeling the excitement of a possible adventure. The said plates glowed and disappeared into Lopunny's body. She smiled and looked up at the Alpha Pokemon.

"Now what, Arceus?"

"Good-bye, Lopunny. And don't forget, your name is Jayden now."

"Wait... what? AHHHHH!!!"

        Lopunny fell through the floor, her body suddenly in free fall.         The air rushed around the Rabbit Pokemon as she raced towards the ground. "Arceus, you troll!" She screamed at the the top of her lungs in anger. She could imagine the Alpha Pokemon laughing now, but she smirked at the thought.
         If you're gonna die from an illness, you might as well try to get as many laughs as you can, right? She thought as she began dive-bombing towards the quickly approaching earth. Just before hitting the cobblestone surface, she flipped upright and yelled, " Protect!" A transparent light green bubble enveloped the Normal-Type, and she crashed into the ground, creating a giant dust cloud.         In a large building nearby, an equally large group of people turned they're heads towards the door at the sound of a yell and a crash. Out of them, a guy with salmon-colored hair stepped towards the door. This is Natsu Dragneel, the Dragonslayer of Flames. He wore a black, gold-trimmed vest and white pants that stopped just below his knees. He also wore sandals and a white dragon-scale patterned scarf.         "What the hell was that?" Natsu asked no one in particular. Impatient for an answer, the Dragonslayer burst through the doors and saw something he didn't expect. "A giant bunny?" He asked, yet again, no one in particular. "Ah, so she finally got here. I'm surprised it took her this long." An elderly voice beside Natsu declared.
        The voice belonged to Makarov Dreyar, the guild master of the Fairy Tail guild. He is a short man who wore an orange jacket over a white shirt with the Fairy Tail symbol on the front. He had orange shorts on as well as an orange and blue horizontal-striped jester hat and brown jester shoes.
        The small, old man walked casually up to the brown Pokemon, who was dusting herself off with her back to him. "Ahem!" Makarov said, clearing his throat. The Rabbit Pokemon spun around with a startled expression. "Who're you?" She asked as she crossed her arms. The old man merely smiled and raised his hands in a  'calm down' gesture. "My name is Makarov Dreyar, the Master of the Fairy Tail guild." The giant rabbit gasped upon hearing the famous guild's name. The guild was told of in stories in all of the Regions, fascinating anyone who heard the stories. Lopunny couldn't believe it.         The Rabbit Pokemon smirked. "Nice to meet you, Makarov." She said happily just before realizing something. "Wait, you can  understand me?" The rabbit asked, leaning down at the 'jester.' He nodded and started walking back to the guild hall. As Lopunny followed him, she studied the people standing just outside the guild's doorway. The first one she spotted... wasn't all that hard to spot. He was pretty muscular and had raven-colored hair. His guild mark was on the right side of his chest, but what made him hard to miss was his lack of clothing. All he wore was a pair of black boxers.
        Beside him stood a beautiful blonde. She had a curvaceous figure that was complimented by her white, short-sleeved button-up shirt and blue miniskirt. She wore a brown wristband as well as brown knee high boots. Just behind the blonde was a redhead with armor on her torso and a dark blue miniskirt on her waist. She looked to be carrying a blade.
        As Lopunny walked by, she noticed that the redhead seemed to glare at her as if she came to kill. Creepy, but not all that intimidating in Lopunny's opinion.
        "So, what is your name?" The short man asked, snapping the giant bunny from her musings. Lopunny frowned.  What did Arceus say my name was? Oh yeah... Jayden. I don't like it. Instead, how about...
"Usagi. My name is Usagi." The Rabbit Pokemon answered with a smirk. Makarov looked up at her and smiled. "Well then, Usagi... welcome to Fairy Tail."
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