A World Somewhere In Yours

A teenage girl drifting in the mundane ho-hum of her life begins a conversation with a teenage boy regretfully doing the same thing... on Kik.


1. [00] Lazy Day

Daisy sits on a cherry red leather sofa with her legs crossed facing the curved television her aunt has. Lazily, she flits her eyes, surveying her surroundings. The sofa had some bread crumbs stuck between its fluffiness, the white walls had stains, the carpet had scattered moth wings close to the beautiful double doors to her far right. She breathes in heavily and slumps against the cushions. "Today's the lazy day I've been wanting for the past few days."

Looking to her left, where her sister Delilah, lay on her belly as she types down a story in her head, Daisy smiles as she thinks to herself, Delilah being creative as usual.

Bringing out her iPhone, Daisy taps onto Kik. She can't help but squirm in her seat while Kik was connecting. The only thought running through her mind for the time being is Troy could've replied, but much to Daisy's disappointment, Troy hasn't. She taps on her conversation with Troy, sighs, then scrolls up from her last message that reads: Hey, Troy! I hope you're doing well, man. Miss you.


Daisy✌️: Heya! You still wearing that dress get up back at base?

Meeting through a virtual reality game, Daisy and Troy were fairly acquainted with each other before they began conversing personally. The two first met at the agency they worked at in the VR game, and both soon joined the agency's group chat on Kik.

🔫🚬🔪Troy🔪🚬🔫: hey, Daisy

🔫🚬🔪Troy🔪🚬🔫: hahaha, yeah.

Troy, whose in-game username is achilles, had been using a female avatar and cracking all sorts of jokes back at base, while Daisy, whose in-game username is flowa, had been wearing the uniform and going about her duties. Troy has been working for longer, and is a higher rank. This allows him to have more leisure and freedom around the agency.

Daisy✌: So what's up, Troy?

🔫🚬🔪Troy🔪🚬🔫: just chillin'

🔫🚬🔪Troy🔪🚬🔫: you?

Daisy✌️: Eh. Just having some hot choco near some cafe.

🔫🚬🔪Troy🔪🚬🔫: cool, hm

Daisy✌️: I'm not at base atm. How's everything going?

🔫🚬🔪Troy🔪🚬🔫: I'm not online... on mobile data

Daisy✌️: Ahh...

That was how it began between Daisy and Troy. A casual hey-hi between to virtual reality game players. Daisy is a curious one, though. The lack of face-to-face conversational elements didn't hinder her from asking some things.

Daisy✌️: Troy, from your username, I gather that you smoke..?

🔫🚬🔪Troy🔪🚬🔫: yeah, I do

🔫🚬🔪Troy🔪🚬🔫: Do you dislike guys who smoke? :/

Daisy✌️: Smoking doesn't define you as a whole, haha. Would you mind if I ask why you smoke..?

🔫🚬🔪Troy🔪🚬🔫: Too much stress. I don't know how or why but smoking helps relieve stress

Daisy✌️: Knives' for cutting, I presume, and gun's for..?

🔫🚬🔪Troy🔪🚬🔫: i stopped cutting ages ago, but meh. everyone has guns where i'm at.

Daisy✌️: Yeah?

🔫🚬🔪Troy🔪🚬🔫: mhm

Daisy✌️: where do you live..? I hope I don't sound like a creep.

🔫🚬🔪Troy🔪🚬🔫: Ahahaha, nah, it's alright. Birmingham.

🔫🚬🔪Troy🔪🚬🔫: So there's lots of crimes here

🔫🚬🔪Troy🔪🚬🔫: ... especially since i live near Dudley

Daisy✌️: Oh.


Daisy puts down her iPhone, and rubs her temples. She misses chatting with Troy, in all honesty. To her he seems like someone who would be living the exciting grunge-type movie life, but she knows better than to stereotype him as that type of guy. He's so interesting, is all Daisy come up with when describing him to herself.

Though the conversation with Troy she's been reading isn't anywhere near done, Daisy closes her eyes in the hopes of alleviating her slight headache. Lazy days are sleepy days, too, anyway.

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