Favorite hello, Hardest Goodbye

All Jessica wanted was to his favorite hello and his hardest goodbye. But can the famous Hayes Grier give that too her.


2. Chapter 2

We went down stairs and started to make breakfast.

"I smell BACON!!!"  Stacey yelled as she came running down the stairs.  Shortly followed Jake.  Me and Katie looked at each other and smiled.

"Well good morning love birds."  Me and Katie said at the same time, which caused Stacey to blush.  

"Well I have to go get ready for work."  He leaned over and kissed Stacey on the cheek and hugged her.  "Bye babe"  He than went back upstairs and got changed into his Giant uniform.(Giant is a grocery store btw).  

After we finished eating we went upstairs to make our next Musical.ly.   We were pretty good we had over a 100K followers and we had made over 200 Musical.ly's.  I got on my phone and it said I had a notification.  I opened the app just expecting another follower.  I saw his name and I started freaking out.  Katie and Stacey came over to me and asked me what was wrong.  I could't speck so I shoved my phone at the.  Once the registered what was happening they joined me in flipping out.  We did that for a least 10 minutes.  "Okay guys we have to shoot our video." I pushed the plus button and picked 'No broken hearts' by Bebe Rexha ft Nicki Minaj. We danced and then posted it.  About 2 minutes after I posted it I got a notification that someone liked it.  So I opened it up and it was Hayes Grier.  I started to flip out again and was followed by Katie and Stacey.


I opened my eyes and shut off my alarm clock.  I got up and put on some athletic leggings and a sweater and went for a run.  I came back about a half an hour later and got in the shower.  After about 20 minutes the water started to get cold so I got out and dried off.  I put on some white high wasted shorts and a floral crop top with some palm tree Vans.  

I went down stairs and got breakfast.  I got my phone off the charger and went through my notifications.  On Musical.ly I got three notifications.  All from Hayes Grier.  One was a friend request and one was a request to do a duet.  


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