Favorite hello, Hardest Goodbye

All Jessica wanted was to his favorite hello and his hardest goodbye. But can the famous Hayes Grier give that too her.


1. Chapter 1

Jessica's POV

Katie, Stacey and I were sitting on my couch watching Grown Ups Two, it was around two in the morning.  We were eating popcorn when my brother came running through door and up to his room, I'm guessing.  Stacey had a huge crush on my brother, which was really weird for everyone involved.  

"Well I have to go to the bathroom."  Stacey claimed.  She got up and pulled the blanket off of her.  She darted up the stairs and to the "bathroom".  She was just going upstairs to see what was wrong with Jake.  Me and Katie recovered ourselves and continued shoving popcorn in our mouths and laughing every five seconds. 

After the movie ended Stacey still hadn't come back downstairs.  We quietly folded up the blanket and crept up the stairs. We heard a movie playing in Jake's room so we went into mine and fell asleep as our heads hit our pillows.  


I woke up with Katie snoring next to me.  but Stacey was no where no be found.  So I climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom.  I combed my hair and brushed my teeth.  I walked to Jake's room and opened the door slightly to see inside.  I saw Jake and Stacey cuddled up together sleeping.  "Awwwwwww"  I said too loud.  Because seconds later Katie was awake and looking at them too.

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