Just the story of a girl who never has anything ever go right.


2. The preperation

It is 6:00 a.m. and I'm still so excited about writing this story, I'm thinking about making this like how we used to as our bed time tradition, but it will probably end up more as a diary, which would also be pretty awesome, and I'll probably end up cutting most of the everyday stuff out anyways, but it is still fun to write.  So I guess I better tell you my perfect look for my favorite day right?  Yeah, so since I'm pretty tall, 5'9, I got a pair of jeans and long pink short sleeve shirt with flowers on it.  I also have my pink flip flops and a white headband I bought to keep my bangs out of my face today.  I won't be wearing any makeup, but it would also look good with me green and blue eyes.  No I m gonna straighten my pretty long brown hair and then show up, I'm probably boring you though, and you don't care, but this is my favorite day and I love to write and I have nothing else to write about now, oh well, I better go get ready.

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