Just the story of a girl who never has anything ever go right.


3. Fair

There, over there.  I don't know who he is but he is breath taking, blue eyes, pink lips, blond hair, about as tall as me, and sitting with his family.  I have no idea who he is, but I can't stop staring at him.  He looks a lot like my friend Luke Hemmings, but I know it can't be, he hates this kinda stuff and plus he is getting ready for his battle of the bands show tomorrow.  I also know it can't be my friend Niall Horan, I mean the hair isn't near the same and I know he has to visit his grandma today.  I know what you are thinking, I have a lot of boys who are my friends, don't worry I'm not dating any, but I just don't connect to girls the same way, there is too much drama and they flirt way too much.  He never looks back over to me, which is good, I mean I am staring for God's sake.  I want to talk to him, but I am too nervous, and plus the show is gonna start soon, maybe he will have a story, or maybe I'll see him around a lot, or more likely he will have a girl friend and hate me, that seems to be how most of my luck goes. 


*************Contest is going on************************************************


He stayed the whole time, he didn't even read a story,  but there were definitely ome great stories this year, first place definitely deserved  it, they talked about their grandpas time in the war and how 1 week after telling her all this he died from all the chemicals in his body from war.  That story definitely got me, I was crying through most of it, good thing I didn't wear any makeup.  Now it is 8:00 p.m. and I lost the boy.  Now the rides are going on, but I mostly like to just watch other people ride them and sit here and write or think about the stories, but after today, maybe just about that boy.  "Buzz Buzz".   I just got a text from my friend Harry saying him, Liam, and Michael were all coming to the fair and wanted to ride rides and talk to me so I tell them where was at and they said they were leaving the house, maybe they will know that new boy, oh well, I'm going to go get a caramel apple and wait here though.

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