You dont understand

Ever since mera was young was always very different than all the other kids but not by looks,the way she talked or her skin no she was different by what she could do and was always picked on bout it.When she finally gets to meet the band sparks fly when she meet Harry styles but will he think the same as al the others did will he think she's a freak or will that be her best quality he loves about her.


3. just pop the question

Harrys pov

okay i will admit she probably thought i was a weirdo standing there with my mouth open starring at her but she is beauty full and even though we had only just met (barley) i wanted to ask her out.


Mera's pov 

so there i was looking up and i found myself starring into two gorgeous green eyes of his with long curls that were past his shoulders then as i thought he's probably thinking this is weird i tried looking up but then notice his sharp yet soft chin which lead me to his lips... okay Mera snap out of this!!! but wait is he checking me out? omg he is<3!! oh well its no use getting excited




he probably doesn't even like any way 


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