You dont understand

Ever since mera was young was always very different than all the other kids but not by looks,the way she talked or her skin no she was different by what she could do and was always picked on bout it.When she finally gets to meet the band sparks fly when she meet Harry styles but will he think the same as al the others did will he think she's a freak or will that be her best quality he loves about her.


5. Fist date first kiss but wait...

Knock,knock I heard the sound of someone at my door.i walked over to find that is was harry. I grabbed my bag and harry's hand as I pulled him out the door. I was so excited about the date I practicaly dragged him.we got in the car and drove to the mystery place. it turns out i dressed just for the a cation he had taken me to a nice spot on the beach.there was a blanket layed out on the sand,a few candles set up and I nice dinner across the blanket.

M-omg Harry it's beautiful here I love it!!!

H- I very glad u do.

so we enjoyed a very nice dinner under the stars by the sea shore.

M-so do you believe in kissing on the first date?

H-it all depends...

M-depends on what?

H-if she wants to kiss me back

and at that we both leaned in and there was sparks and i don't mean love sparks i mean real sparks!!! OMG my stupid powers why the heck now!!

H- ouch! what the fuck was that?

M- im so sorry harry i have to home now 

H- what why c'mon don't go 

M-you don't understand this happens every time harry it just never works i have to go ok in really sorry and i wish i dint have to go

H- then don't ...please i don't want you to go 

and i just stood there as he was begging to stay and i got sucked into those green eye's of his just like when we first met 

H- why can't you stay?

M- harry you really would not understand or even believe me if i told you 

H- try me 

M- No. I'm sorry i gotta go bye harry i said as i was about to give him another kiss but stopped just before we touched i pulled away to see harry's face of shock and sadness good bye 

H-ya good bye you know i still have your number so i will be calling 

harry said cheekily

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