Stolen hearts

Sam has two best friends -Faith and Scott- only that Scott becomes more than a friend. Until Max comes along.


1. Chapter 1- More than a friend.

 I was sitting down in my seat at school and Faith was sitting in the desk beside me. She handed me a note: "The guy behind us is staring at you", I slowly, but casually glanced behind me, I caught him looking at me. But I couldn't look away. He had black shaggy hair which just landed above his eyes, which were blue. He was wearing dark jeans and a grey hoodie with his sleeves pushed up. His shoes were a pair of black converse. Before I could look away, the bell rang, and I scurried out of the room but I could still feel his eyes on me.
      After school, Faith came over and we didn't really say anything on the ride except for her asking if we had any homework this weekend. She parked the car on the side of the road towards my house, which is old but still somewhat modern. The kitchen had white counters and cabinets, the floor was an old tile, it was worn and you could tell someone who didn't know what they were really doing tried to fix it. The table in  the center was black. Faith and I sat down on either side. I got lost in my thoughts about the guy who was looking at me, I've never seen him before. He seemed secretive and odd. He was attractive--
"So that guy that was looking at you..." Faith said to me, interrupting my thoughts. "He is pretty attractive" She said with a grin.
"I've never seen him before in my life, before today." I said narrowing my eyes.
She just gave me a shrug of the shoulders and went into the living room. The living room and kitchen were separated by a "half wall". In the living room we had one beige couch in the shape of an "L" and the TV on the opposite side of the living room. I sat down on the couch with a plop and put my feet up on the brown coffee table in front of me. I felt my phone vibrate, I looked at it and it was Scott- calling me.
"Yo Sam!"
I laughed."Hey, what's up?"
"I'm by your place and thought I'd stop by, is that alright with you?"
Before I could answer Scott burst through the door making Faith jump. I stood up and Scott ran over and hugged me, I haven't seen him for about a month. His hugs always made me feel better, even if I wasn't sad or upset. Faith and Scott were my best friends, they were always there when I needed them. Before anyone said anything Faith asked Scott a question:
"You know that new guy?"
"Oh, um that's Max, He moved here from Florida. I talked to him once, he seems-odd- but nice." Scott said to us both.
"I think he likes Sam, he was staring at her during English today."
"No he doesn't!" I said almost to loudly, startling them both. Scott's smile faded instantly. But it came back and talked as if Faith didn't say anything.
"Well, what are you guys doing?" Scott asked.
I opened my mouth to answer but Faith took over.
"We were about to watch a movie, you should watch one with us! Since it's Friday we could stay longer than usual. She gave us a wink and I laughed. We all sat down on the couch and I noticed how close Scott was to me, not that I minded.
      It started getting late and I was getting tired but Faith kept tapping my shoulder making sure I was awake even though I kept dozing off.  The clock read 11:23pm and this time I knew I fell asleep because the clock read midnight when I woke up. My head was rested on Scott's shoulder and I could feel him turning his head every few minutes to see if I was awake or sleeping. My mom came in the room, her voice soft and sweet. But it still made me jump and I was almost fully awake.
"You guys can stay the night if you would like."
Faith answered for her and Scott-- "Okay, thank you." She offered a smile.
"Love you, honey" My mother said to me and I turned my head to answer her, "Love you too, have a good sleep."
She walked away and I rested my head back onto Scott's shoulder and I felt Faith rest her head on my left shoulder.
       I woke up with a kink in my neck and I realized that the three of us all fell asleep on the couch. I slowly sat up and went into the kitchen. I was standing in front of the counter making a peanut butter sandwich when I heard footsteps behind me- Scott- "Hey, what are you making?" Scott said and gave me a small smile.
"Peanut butter sandwich." I returned the smile.
"Got enough for two?" Scott and I both laughed.
I gave him half of my sandwich and I could still see Faith sleeping on the couch. We sat down at the kitchen table and ate our sandwiches.
"So, Max, he was staring at you?" Scott wasn't smiling, in fact he seemed irritated and serious-almost protective, but why he would be protective?
"Yeah, that's what Faith thinks. Why?"
"Just wondering, he---" He trailed off.
"He what, Scott?"
"H-he is just odd and I don't want him liking you or anything."
I furrowed my brows, "He doesn't, he could have been staring at me because my hair was messed up or I looked weird." I laughed but Scott was serious.
"You never look weird." He murmured, almost to himself, his head down. I got up and took his plate and mine and put it in the sink. I leaned onto the counter and turned to him, only to realize that he wasn't at the table anymore, he was in front of me. "You look beautiful."
I blushed, his face--so close to mine. I liked it, it felt right and I kind of wanted him to kiss me. I was so stuck in my thoughts to notice that his face, his hair hanging down a bit. He had short hair but from sleeping it was messy. But It didn't look bad at all. In fact it looked sexy-got even closer.
      His mouth was close to mine-"Sam!" I heard Faiths voice from the living room. I opened my eyes and Scott backed up.
"What?" I said.
"Oh! Sorry I didn't know where you guys were. Did I interrupt anything?" She said, gesturing to Scott and I.
Scott laughed but his eyes were serious, "No, you didn't." He gave her a tiny smile. Scott's phone rang, but who would be calling at this time? It was still very early in the morning. I turned towards the stainless steel stove and looked at the clock. To my surprise it read 11:56am. I was stunned that we slept that long. I look outside, my moms car was gone. She had gotten ready for work without waking us up? I heard Scott talking to someone on the phone. I walked back into the kitchen and Faith's smile was from ear to ear.
"What?" I asked sounding confused.
"There is a party later tonight and we are invited!" She shouted and I smiled sleepily. Faith loved parties. Me on the other hand not so much, but I knew Scott would make me go. Scott looked at me and gave me a-- "You're coming and there's nothing you can do about it look." I gave a small nod and a smile.
"When does it start?" Faith asked still smiling, looking at Scott.
"Six." He said, smiling back at us both. I let out a sigh and they both looked at me, making me feel embarrassed. Scott came over and hugged me tightly as if to say he was proud that I was finally going without complaining this time.
      Around four-thirty Faith and I got ready. We had to leave in two hours to make it in time and when it came to Faith and makeup that could take up to an hour. Scott was sitting on my bed watching us.
     At five we left the house to go to Scott's. I left a note on the table saying- We left to go to a small get together. If my mom knew that I was going to a party with alcohol, no matter if I was 18 or not she would kill me. I took one last look in the mirror at my hair, which Faith insisted on straightening. My hair was brown with some red tint to it. It looked nice and I loved the way It shaped my face. I wore a dark blue jean short-shorts with a plain grey tee, Faith wore a short sundress dress, which was what she usually wore. It came down mid thigh. But she looked stunning. I turned around and caught Scott smiling at me.
"Nothing." His small teeth showing through his smile.
When we arrived at Scott's place, Faith stayed in the car. But I went inside, even though I wasn't sure why. He did his hair, and put on dark jeans with a black tee. I turned around to leave but I felt Scott's hand on the small of my back. I turned around and his lips found mine. I was shocked. I didn't move after he pulled away.
     In the distance of the party there were lights hung up on trees, people laughing, and people throwing beach balls at each other. The party was at a beach and there was no parking lot so we parked down the street and had to walk the rest of the way which I didn't mind at all. I walked in the middle and Faith was on the left side of me and Scott was on the right. Scott stood a good 6'2'' and I was 5'7'', Faith was about 5'8''. It was dark but I could make out some figures on the beach and some in the water.
"Dang! I wish I brought the bikini." Faith said, sounded disappointed and gestured out towards the sea. Faith was Skinny but she had some curves and same with me. Her skin was already tanned but she always thought she needed more of a tan, me on the other hand have a light tan and I love it. When we got to the beach I could see more people in the water than I did a bit earlier. I plopped down in the sand and Scott sat with me. Faith went straight toward the smoothie shack that was to the left. I was laying back with my elbows in the sand and Scott in front of me with his legs crossed. "So what was that kiss about?" I asked.
He looked straight at me with serious face than I saw the corners of his mouth creep up into a smile.
"I don't know, um--I like you, I have since we were little, Sam. I just got the courage to finally do it and when we were alone, I saw an opportunity". He came beside me and grabbed my hand. " Did it bother you?"
The thing was, it didn't bother me at all, I loved it. I moved my hand so I was holding his. He turned toward me and leaned forward. His mouth touched mine and it made my heart fluttered, his kiss was so soft and passionate-- Once again I heard Faith, except she almost squealed. I pulled away and my face felt red and I turned my head, her jaw dropped in aw. "Why didn't anyone tell me!" She shouted with a smile on her face. Scott and I both laughed and he answered. "It just happened, like a second ago."
She brought her eyes to me-than Scott- Than me again, and laughed. Scott's hand was still in mine.

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