The Catch

Cassie (Ashton's little sister by 2 years) falls in love with Luke Hemmings (Ashton's best friend) and Luke really likes Cassie but Ash doesn't know what's going on between them. Cassie wants to get with Luke, but what she doesn't know, may kill Luke mentally. Will Ash ever find out? Will they ever get together?


1. Cassie's P.O.V




I hate Mondays. They're the worst. Why? Because, every day I get teased by both my brother and the kids at school. My brother may only playfully tease me, because that's what brothers and sisters do, but the kids at school bully me. I have actually cut before because of how bad it gets. I usually use my bracelets to cover up the scars and the recent cuts. The blade feels so good sliding across my skin, and when I see the lines fading, I have to cut again. Ashton always tells me to stop, but it's so addicting. I've also tried overdosing as well, but I couldn't get the cap off before Ash came in, so that sucked. 

I got to school, and right off the bat, the cool girls started bullying me.The only good thing about having an older brother that goes to the same school as me, is that he drives me. That's the only good about that.

"Oh look, it's the suicidal freak. I hope that she doesn't jump in front of our car on the way home."

I saw Luke looking my way, and it was weird 'cause Calum, and Michael weren't there, so that means Ash was talking to Luke, and apparently Luke wasn't listening.

"I'm not a suicidal freak. So can you just leave me alone?" 

One of the girls gave me a look as if I were lying. 

Ashton saw what Luke was looking at, and his jaw clenched and he made a fist. His face got all red, so I knew he was mad. He started walking over to where I was standing, and Luke I think was trying to stop him, but couldn't manage it.

"What do you think you are doing Chloe?!" Ash yelled from across the road, where him and Luke were standing. 

"Oh look. It's the suicidal freak's big brother coming to save the day, and it's your brothers best friend who you have a huuuge crush on. Does he know?"

"No, he doesn't know. Why can't you mind your own business Chloe." I snapped back

"Hey Chloe, do you know how not to be rude?" 

"Hey Ash, how are you? Did you sleep well." Chloe said flirtatiously.

"Forget it Chloe, and leave my sister ALONE. Stop bullying her."

Ashton moved my bracelets and showed her the cuts. Luke must have saw them too because he stopped in his tracks with his mouth dropped open. Why did Ashton have to do that? He knew that I used my bracelets to cover them, not to show them.

I saw that Chloe whispered something to the other girls, and then they all giggled. Of course Ash got all defensive and said "What is it Chloe. What could possibly be so funny at a time like this?" 

"Well, all I said to them was 'see, told you she was a suicidal freak' funny, right?" 

"She's not a suicidal freak. She has stuff going on. Now leave her and Ashton alone! You are NOT gonna get with him. EVER!" Luke yelled

"Wow Luke. Snappy this fine morning, aren't you?" Chloe said innocently

"Don't play innocent, you know that's not funny, and just a tip, don't mess with Ashton's little sister."

Chloe looked from from me to Ash to Luke. I was actually kinda shocked myself that Luke stood up for me. I had always thought that he thought of me as just a tag-along. So I was kinda shocked. 

6th hour. So close to the end of the day. Everyone only knew me as Ashton Irwin's little sister, or just another kid that sits in the back of the class who draws and listens to music. But in reality, I really am just a nobody. It sucks. All of it. Every last bit of it. I really hate school. I can't wait until summer.

"Actually it is kinda funny. Plus, do you see how pale she is? What does she do all summer, sit inside with her boyfriend? OH! Wait, that's right, she doesn't have a boyfriend, and I bet she won't ever get one."

"Why would you think that Chloe?" 

"Well, for starters Luke, mind your own business, and 2nd, she's so ugly, and fat, and she cuts. I mean, come on, who in their right mind would date a cutter?" 

Wow, rude much. Does she know that...

"Don't you know what she does because of what you guys say?" Luke asked sharply

She shook her head slightly, but she didn't necessarily look scared, she looked kinda happy.

"I've seen her do it before. I went over to Ashton's house, and their mom made dinner, and I didn't even see her at the dinner table, then I went to check on her, and she was in the bathroom throwing up. When she was done throwing up, I asked her if she felt ok, and do you know what she said. She said that she was making herself throw up. Do you realize how terrible that is? I really didn't like seeing her that way. It made me feel terrible, almost like I couldn't do anything."

"Oh my god Luke, I didn't know you felt that way. That doesn't mean I'm not gonna stop teasing her."

"Ok, that's it Chloe. If you keep talking about her that way, or talking to her that way, I'm gonna..."

"You're gonna what Ashton, kiss me to death?"

"Ok, I can't keep listening to this. Luke, Ashton, thank you guys for standing up for me, but I can stand up for myself, and Chloe, do you know how many suicidal thoughts I've had? I haven't ever tried it, so I'm not a suicidal freak, I'm just depressed. Ok, so now leave me alone! Please. I'm begging you. I'm tired of it!" I snapped finally.

"Wow. Do you honestly think that that little outburst is gonna make me stop doing what I'm doing? 'Cause that's definitely not gonna happen."

"Ok, you keep picking on me, and when I commit suicide because of all the things you said pushed me to the limit, you most likely will go to jail. So I hope you have fun in the slammer." I said walking away.

"Oh well, have fun killing yourself you suicidal freak!" she yelled at me

"That's it Chloe! I don't want you talking to my best friends little sister like that anymore. If she kills herself, you're gonna get it. I hate seeing her like that. Just stop picking on kids." Luke yelled, and surprisingly enough, I heard all of it. 

 I started crying on the way to my locker. Mike and Calum started walking towards me, and I tried to hide my face so that they wouldn't see. But they could see it before I could do anything about it. "What's wrong Cassie?" Calum said rushing up to me.

"Nothing. I promise, it's nothing." 

"No, Cassie, I know it's something. What is it?"

"Chloe was being mean, but it's nothing. She was just doing what she does every day. Don't do anything. Please. I can handle these things on my own."

Mikey's fist clenched, as well as his jaw, and his face turned red. It's weird because he does the same thing as Ash. Calum just started walking toward the door to outside, and I tried to stop him, but I was too late. "Calum, wait. Please don't. Luke and Ash already handled it."

"So what. I'm going to help. She shouldn't be picking on you like that if she knows what's good for her. I mean you're Ashton's little sister. That shouldn't happen. I'm gonna go do the same thing she does to you."

"Cal. Just please, listen to me. I'm begging you."

"Ok. I won't do anything. Just for you. I promise.

"Thank you so much Cal." I said giving him a hug.

3rd hour. The hour right before lunch. I should be so excited, but I'm not gonna eat, so why should I be excited. It's honestly no use. Although, Ashton's probably gonna make me eat something, but I'm most likely just going to go to the bathroom to throw up. We'll just have to see how that turns out. 

Lunch. I always get to sit with Ashton and his friends. It's gonna be weird after what happened this morning.

"Eat Cassie, you can't skip meals."

I usually just sit there playing with my food, until the boys get mad, and start to take food off my plate. So today they're probably going to make me eat after what happened this morning, and all that was said.

I sat down with my tray, and just told the boys to just take it, and that I didn't want them to get mad like they always do.They all just sat there, looking at me, shaking their heads.

"You are going to eat Cassie."

"Luke. Honestly, do you think that you can tell me what to do, and I'm just going to do it?"

"Cassie you're going to eat your food. Luke may not be able to tell you what to do, but I'm your big brother, and I'm telling you to eat."

"Yeah Cassie, you gotta eat. Please."

"Alright fine. I'll eat. Just stop bugging me about it. Please"


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