my curse

Alexis Umbrage lives with her mom in Staten Island while her twin sister Alexa lives with her dad in Manhattan. Alexis knows that her dad is the dean of a very prestigious school and Alexa gets to go for free, but she feels, the farther away from her, the better. Alexa is the epitome of an asshole in her eyes. She ruined her life once and now that her dad has put his foot down about her education, she has to go to the same school as her again, but what if Alexis finds the perfect guy she's been dreaming of. Will she be more apt to stay?
But what Alexis doesn't know is that Her dad is the dean of a school for monsters. She has no idea that her dad is a vampire and her mom is a hunter. Both natural enemies, hunters are the police force of the monster world, there power is said to be derived from God himself, so naturally they are feared by all monsters. But this school is meant to bring all of the different species together and strengthen the community as a whole.


3. chapter 3

I got through all of school without a confrontation with Alexa surprisingly, considering we have five out of eight classes together.

I walked out of the building looking at my paper that Uncle Roger gave me. Ok, so I'm girls dorm one, room forty two, dammit, I don't even know how to get there. I can't even see any other buildings except the gym. Fuck me, seriously.

I had Jordan and a girl named -I think Caitlyn- in last period study hall in the library, but Jordan was called to the office, so it was just me and her, and she kept to herself reading a book the whole time, and when the bell rang she bolted out like I was contagious or something, so I'm kind of all alone at the moment, completely lost.

I looked around frantic for someone in my class, but saw no one, so I had to summon up the courage to ask one of the girls in a group next to me. So, I somehow got over the anxiety of actually talking to someone after not really talking to anyone except the three girls from this morning. "Hey, umm can you tell me which way dorm one is?" I asked nervously. If you can't tell I suck at breaking the ice with people.

I completely expected them to be huge bitches like everyone was at my other school, but they were actually really nice "Ya, we can show you, we're going there right now anyway" The girl with fluffy flame red hair said with a smile "So, I'm assuming you're new"

"Ya, I've lived in the human world my whole life up until now, so this is all new to me" I replied and all four of their jaws dropped.

"Oh my god, really?" One of the other girls asked, with I'd have to say the fullest lips I've ever seen on a white girl.

"Ya, it's a lot different over here" I said nervously.

"I can imagine, How can your family keep you away from your own species for so long? It's cruel if you ask me" The really skinny girl said.

"I don't know, I never thought of it as cruel. I actually kind of liked it over there" At least when Alexa was gone.

"Oh, well to each his own I guess" Red hair girl said "So where exactly is your room?"

"Room forty two" I said.

"Oooo, that's right next to us" The last girl -who I think caked on a little too much make up today- said excited.

"Oh, cool" I said and started fallowing them.

We walked through what seemed like a forest type thing with a path leading down the middle, so it was almost completely separate from the school. It's actually pretty cool and this little forest -or whatever you want to call it- is really pretty. You'd think that everything in a monsters world would be all creepy and scary, but most of everything I've seen so far is really beautiful and not at all like they portray in movies and book. It's a lot prettier than the human world. The human world is pretty boring compared to here honestly.

"What's your name?" The really skinny girl asked "Mines Lacey, that's Karmen" She pointed to the girl with big lips "That's Casey" She pointed to 'way too much make-up' girl "And that's Jenna" And last but not least red hair girl.

"My name's Alexis" I said, kind of awkwardly.

"Cool, it's prettier than mine" Karmen said "What kind of monster are you? I'm a werewolf, Casey is a demon, and Jenna is a dragon" Whoa, that's pretty damn cool. Must be nice to actually know what you are. I don't understand how I'm even a vampire. I'm more human than anything. It's not like I have fangs or something.

"I'm a vampire" I said, and it felt so weird to say it, but I guess not saying it would be weirder over here.

"Nice" Karmen said "That means you're one of the top dogs around here" 

"What?" I'm so confused, what does me being a vampire have to do with anything. Out of what I've seen so far every species is pretty damn powerful. They have every species in gym, so I got to see what all of them could do. It was weird though, we had a fitness test on the first day and tomorrow too.

"Ya, we have a ranking system conducted by the high council" Karmen said "Vampires are ranked number one...but there pretty much in a tie with hunters, they're number two. Personally, I think that's why their such assholes most of the time, their just mad at the council, and I know that's why they single out vampires the most and try to make them seem like the bad guys, but it doesn't really work"

"Oh, ok, cool, I didn't know any of that. I guess I was pretty sheltered" Maybe it was for the better too.

"Ya, in my opinion it's pretty sad" Casey said.

"Well I think it's cool that you know so much about the human world" Jenna said "It is sad, but we don't really know anything about the human world, so you could teach us a thing or two"  

About five minuets of walking went by and we ended up in in an area that reminded me a lot like a cul-de-sac, but bigger. On the right side there were two buildings that looked at least two or three stories high and were really wide -same on the left side- and beyond those a little was a building with a bunch of vending machines and picnic tables, that kind of looks like it might be a cafe type thing, but who knows.  

"Ok, so, on the right side is the girls dorms" Jenna started to explain "And the boys dorms are on the other side, and I know you're wondering now if we can sneak in the boys dorm, and yes, we can, they have a few proctors who take turns each day and night to make sure we don't, but their easy to get by"

"But what if like, I don't know, someone gets pregnant or something? Than they'd know you broke the rules" I asked.

"Ya, but they can't really do anything, because they didn't catch you in the act. That's the only thing that they really can't punish you for. They leave it up to the parents" She rolled her eyes at the last part.

"Oh, ok" 

"Yup, and as I was saying, that building right over there" She said, pointing to building with the vending machines "Is the cafe. It's where we get breakfast and dinner, and any snacks we want" 

"So we can bring food in the dorm rooms?" I'd have thought dad wouldn't want that. He won't even let me bring any candy in my I just hide it in my purse.

"Ya, we just have to keep them decently clean" She said "But anyways, breakfast opens at six thirty and dinner starts at five, but they open after school ends to go and get snacks and stuff" Nice.

"Ok, thanks for telling me all this by the way" I said, and they gave me weird looks.

"Ya, why wouldn't we tell you?" Lacey asked.

"I don't know, because I'm new and kind of weird and awkward" I said.

"Dude, you're not weird and awkward, and that's why we told you, cause you're new and wouldn't have known where to go, so why not" Casey said with a smile.

"Ok" I said quietly.

"Alright, now let's go" Jenna said, and we started walking to the dorm rooms, and thank the fucking lord we're on the first floor, I'm not about ready to walk another flight of stairs today.

They walked into the dorm to the right of mine and I went into mine...and I just about shit a brick, Emily was one of my roommates "Lexi!" She yelled and ran over to me "Guys" She said to the two other girls in the room "This is Alexis the new girl" Great, so now I'm known as the new girl.

"Hey" They said.

"I'm Alyson, I'm a devil" The girl with the black hair said "And that's Summer, she's a ghost" She nodded over to the girl on the top right bunk with the girl who looks like a total stoner, and actually fits the bill of ghost in a way, but looks more like she would be a cliche vampire. Vampires actually have the same melanin they had before, because most of us are a decent amount of tan, a little darker than an olive complexion, except some who are pretty pale. I thought I'd stick out like soar thumb, but I don't.

"Cool" I said and noticed all my stuff under the bunk that Summer is under, so I went over to it.

"So Lex" Alyson started to say, but paused "Is it ok if I call you that?"

"Ya, it's fine" Lexi was always my nickname and Lex was Alexa's, but I guess it's ok as long as Alexa doesn't hang around me, which will never happen.

"Ok, anyway, so Emily told us that you've lived in the human world till now" I nodded my head "So what's it like?"

I guess nobody knows anything "I don't know, compared to here it's way more boring I think. Everything is so much prettier, and just people as a whole seem way nicer" Their all like Canadians...almost.

"Really?" Summer asked, getting down and sitting on the floor.

"Ya, humans are just assholes I guess, but than again, I lived in New York City, so that doesn't help. Like, when I went up to the girls to the right of us outside school, they were like really nice about me asking how to get here. Most people where I grew up wouldn't be like that" It's weird.

"Oh, who's next to us?" Alyson asked.

"Umm, I don't know their last names, but I know what type of monster they are if that helps" I said.

"Ok, ya, that might help" Alyson said.

"There was Jenna who's a dragon, Karmen who's a werewolf, Lacey who's a witch, and Casey who's a demon" After every name and species was said they nodded.

"Nice, I have a class with all of them" Emily said "Just so you know, if you don't already know, their pretty cool. I was next to Jenna and Karmen last year and they were like the life of the party"

"Ya, I roomed with Lacey freshman year, and she was the funniest shit ever" Summer said.

"Ya, Casey is pretty cool too. She's been in my classes every year" Alyson said.


I finally got done unpacking and it was time for dinner. We got down there and looked at the menu: Fried chicken with mashed potatoes, cheese burgers with fries, or pizza and bread-sticks. You'd think that monsters would eat like weird food that they portray in movies and stuff, but nope, they eat the same stuff we -or I guess humans- do.

"Ugh, I could go for a huge cheese burger right now" Emily said. I thought vampires didn't have to eat. I thought they just had to have blood. The movies always made it seem like human food was gross to them, but I guess not. I'm still not going to be the odd ball yet, thank god.

"No, that fried chicken sounds amazing right now" I said and she gave me that 'bitch please' look.

We went and sat down at a table out away from everyone while Summer and Alyson went to sit with other people. I notice now that -out of the people who I know there species- sit within their species.

We sat for a few minuets and I decided to come clean to Emily about being half hunter, mostly because I can't take all the stress of keeping it in, and because she seems like a pretty trustworthy person, so here goes nothing "Hey Emily?"

"Ya? Do you have another question?" Sort of.

"Not really, but umm, could you a keep a secret for me?" I don't know how other people would react if they found out, so it needs to remain a secret.

"Ya, sure, what is it?" She asked with a big bite of cheese burger in her mouth.

"Umm, I literally just found out today that I'm a monster" I said that and she almost choked on her food.

She swallowed real quick before speaking "What? Really?" She asked in total shock.

"Ya, my dad enrolled me here, and I still didn't know, but than my Uncle Roger drove me here and he told me everything. I obviously didn't believe him, so he showed me, and ya, I had no idea my whole life" It's a mouth full, but I got the majority of it out.

She just looked at me in shock "Seriously? How could your parents do that?" She asked.

"I don't know, it's all just surreal, I only knew about this stuff from movies and books" I said.

"Wow, than you really don't know anything. You need a little education" She said.

"Ya, I'm completely clueless" I said.

"Actually, how could you not know you're a vampire. I'd think that they fangs would give it away" She said, and I was actually just going to get to that.

"Well umm, I'm actually not a full blooded vampire" I said it and it felt so weird.

"Oh my god" She started to whisper "Are you a dhampir?" I don't know what that is, but if she's whispering it, it can't be good.

"What even is that?" I asked, totally clueless again.

"It's a half human half vampire" She whispered again "It's super rare and completely frowned upon. According to the council they think their disgusting and immoral" She said that and I'm thanking god I'm not, only because my half can't be that bad than.

"Oh, no I'm half hunter" I whispered it only because I know everyone hates them.

"Ohhh" She said in relief "Ok, that's not all that bad than, but ya, you might not want to tell certain people that" Kinda figured.

"Ya, so it's not like disgusting and immoral?"

"No, I mean, I don't think that it's like that anyway. If you fall in love with a human and have a baby it shouldn't matter what kind of blood it has. A lot of people think that way, so the council might be swaying their decision about it. I guess it could be related to the human world's gay marriage rights" Makes sense now than.

"Oh, I didn't think you'd know about that" I said.

"Ya, we know about some big things that go on from the people who live there. A long time ago our world wasn't all that organized like it is now. It was ruled by kings and queens, but than the human world started to have other leaders like dictators, but we thought that was wrong, so every species leader decided it was better to have ten different people from each species to have their own council, like representatives. It's actually very efficient. We're not as corrupt as humans. We listen to what are people say. We're actually pretty peaceful, we've only had a few wars in the past. mostly to do with hunters. The rest of us are pretty much all ok with each other. That's how this school could even exist. Pretty much the only time a war would ever happen is if any of the councils try to g against each other and it rarely happens, and almost never results in war, if it happens. The worst one would have to be the demons uprising to the devils, because they used to have to be their right hand men and they were sick of it" This is actually one history lesson I can get into.

"Ok, thanks for telling me all that" I said. I think I understand this world a little better now. It is way better than the human world. They do seem a whole lot more peaceful.          

"Ya, no problem, you're going to need a whole more than that to get you up to speed anyway" She said with a smile.


We finally got back up to dorm room and Emily and I decided to tell Alyson and Summer, only because she knows them, and she knows that they could help me out with everything too.

We told them everything and they seemed just as cool about it as Emily did. 

The whole night until about eight o'clock I got one big history lesson, and it was really fascinating. I've learned so much from them in one night that it kind of put my old school to shame.

Once my brain started to hurt I decided I'd take a walk and go exploring a little, so I walked outside, but I remembered that the proctors would be out, but it was too late, one already spotted me.

"And where do you think you're going?" The man asked all snotty.

"To one of the picnic tables, because I think I dropped my phone over there" I'm hoping this is a good enough lie for them.

"Ok, you're free to go I guess" He said, so I started walking over there, but once he went over to the other proctor I bolted behind the dorm building and made my way for the woods.

I started walking threw the wooded part, but than made it to the trail. I got toward the end and noticed someone walking toward me. 

He kept getting closer and closer and I'm just praying to god it's not a proctor. 

As I got closer the guy stopped and it looked like he was sniffing the air or something. Maybe he's a werewolf.

I got close enough now that I could tell it was Jordan. He noticed me and walked right up to me "Hey, so what are you doing out?" He asked all cool.

"I just wanted to take a walk, so I did" It was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be too.

"Oh, me too, but just so you know, I wouldn't do that too often unless you want the creeps hitting you" He said that and he almost sounded like a dad. It was kind of funny.

"Ok, well if I want to take a walk I will though" I said it not in sassy way, but more like a declarative statement.

"Ok" He said, and started walking again, but than stopped once the breeze started up and lifted his head up for some reason, and in a flash I was pinned up against a tree. I know in a moment like this I should be pushing him away and trying to run away, but I was totally frozen, and oddly enough, I wasn't scared "You smell so damn good" He said, putting his head in the rook of my neck and sniffed "I just can't help myself. This is very strait forward of me and I apologize, but I have to try" He didn't move quick, it was actually slow, and I don't know why, but I didn't move. I knew what was coming before it happened, yet I felt strangely ok with it.

And just like I thought, I felt two teeth penetrate near the outside of my collar bone. I winced a little, not in pain, but in ecstasy. It felt so good, it made me tingle and I actually craved it. His grip on me got tighter and it made me want it more, but than he stopped "I knew it, you taste amazing, just like your scent. It makes me go crazy" Honestly, I don't know how to feel about this. It feels like making out with someone who you don't know, but I guess sometimes it's not a bad thing.

"I do?" I asked, and his expression turned back to the normal him.

"Yes, but umm, I gotta go" He said, and left before I could even say goodbye.

Well that was weird as hell. 




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