my curse

Alexis Umbrage lives with her mom in Staten Island while her twin sister Alexa lives with her dad in Manhattan. Alexis knows that her dad is the dean of a very prestigious school and Alexa gets to go for free, but she feels, the farther away from her, the better. Alexa is the epitome of an asshole in her eyes. She ruined her life once and now that her dad has put his foot down about her education, she has to go to the same school as her again, but what if Alexis finds the perfect guy she's been dreaming of. Will she be more apt to stay?
But what Alexis doesn't know is that Her dad is the dean of a school for monsters. She has no idea that her dad is a vampire and her mom is a hunter. Both natural enemies, hunters are the police force of the monster world, there power is said to be derived from God himself, so naturally they are feared by all monsters. But this school is meant to bring all of the different species together and strengthen the community as a whole.


1. chapter 1


"Alexis, wake up! Dad wants to talk to you" My twin sister Alexa yelled to me through the door. Ugh, why couldn't she have told me this later.

I rolled over to my side and groaned, knowing full well that my dad is going to yell at me for something. That's all he seems to do lately, because I can do no right. I don't know why I thought I could stay the weekend here and actually have a good time. My mom thought I was being an idiot deciding to come here. I mean, she couldn't even have a good time with him, so I don't know why I thought I could. They were never married, but for the six years they were together, she said she was only happy for one of them, and that was the year Alexa and I were born. After that she said he started to show his true colors, so they decided to have me live mostly with mom and Alexa with dad, although we would both stay at mom's one weekend and dad's the other, only until we got to be like fourteen and we hated each other with a burning passion. We've always hated each other, but she took all of our little squabbles to a new level in eighth grade and really brought out her inner bitch.

This bitch made school a living hell for me. She spread so much rumors about me that aren't even close to the truth. She pretty much made everyone believe that I'm a dirty whore, which I'm not even close to being at all, she was pretty much describing herself to be honest. I was so glad that she ended up going to the high school that dad runs, so I don't have to deal with her ass anymore. School still isn't all that great, but it's a whole lot better now that she's gone.

Just than, she opened my door and walked up next to me "I said wake up" She said with the most attitude I've ever herd.

"I am awake" I replied, trying to match her snottiness.

She rolled her eyes so far back that I thought they were going to get stuck there "Whatever, just get downstairs" She said and walked out...leaving the door open, which she knows I hate more than anything, bitch.

I got up and walked over to my mirror. He's probably going to yell at me about my outer imperfections, like always, he hates them, mostly because him and my sister are like perfect looking. "Why couldn't you have looked more like your sister" He says. She is literally the epitome of perfection. I hate her guts, but I can admit that she's gorgeous. She has perfect teeth without ever having braces, I had to have them for my seventh and eighth grade school years. She has no cellulite anywhere and I have it all over my thighs, although everyone tells me they can't even see it, but I know it's there, and it's ugly as hell. She has never had a bruise which I have on my legs and her cuts -which I have all over my hands from work last night- heal inhumanly fast, and She hasn't had one pimple ever, and of course I've got a couple on my face, luckily that's one of my good qualities (I almost never get acne, I only get a few from being wicked stressed out, and I am not complaining). I think that's why he likes her so much more than me. She got the good genes and me...I got all this, the normal genes. My dad makes me strive for perfection, which I hate more than anything, it pisses me right the fuck off, like why can't he just except that I'm not, and I'll never be as good as Alexa at anything. It just sucks, but oh well, I deal.

I walked downstairs to my imminent beheading and fell down like eight stairs. Fucking great! "Fuck!" I yelled, and Alexa walked by and laughed. Bitch!

I got up, limping a little, and saw my dad leaning on the island, drinking his cup of coffee. He looked me up and down and I knew he was getting a kick out of my outfit (that I've neglected to change from last night), my Pink Floyd crop top and spongebob pj shorts. He always expects us to look presentable in front of him.

"What are you wearing?" My dad asked, looking wicked pissed.

"My pajamas, since you wanted to see me right away" I replied, trying my damn hardest not to sound like an asshole.

He sighed a little "Ok, well I wanted to see you because as you know, my school starts in three days and Alexa and I are leaving today" He left room for me to say something, but I don't know what, and I'm pretty sure I answered wrong.

"Ok" I honestly don't know what he's getting at.

"And you will be going to school there from now on" What?!!!

My jaw dropped to the floor and I wanted scream, but I think I kept my cool better than I normally would have "Umm, why? I'm already going to a perfectly fine school" I said with as much sass as I could get out without flipping the fuck out.

"Well I'm putting my foot down about your education and I think it's about time you get a higher education, and your mother agrees that my school will suit you better" He said that and I wanted to slap him in the face, along with Alexa's because I can see her in the corner loving every minuet of this. She know's she's finally going to have the opportunity to mess with me some more. And I was finally getting my life back too.

"But my school is fine" I insisted. I don't know why I keep going back and forth with him, because in the end I know I'm not going to win the argument.

"Alexis, this is final" He said in a stern voice "This school is going to be better for in ways you jut can't understand right now" Ok, whatever the fuck that means.

"Fine, whatever, I'm going back home" I said, and started walking back upstairs to pack, but dad stopped me.

"Uncle Roger is going to pick you up at seven thirty Wednesday morning, so be ready" He said, and I shrugged it off.


"How could you let dad do this to me?" I cried to my mom.

"Because this school is better for you in so many ways" She said with a weak smile.

"Ya? How?" I asked, trying to hold the sass queen back.

"Well for one, it's education system is way better, almost no one fails -that actually puts forth effort- and all the teachers are willing to help as much as they can to help you learn, and because you stay on a campus you can go to them and ask for help easier. Their teachers stay a couple hours longer when school ends, so that makes it easier too" I know she's trying to make this sound positive, but it's just not working for me.

"So, I always pass anyway" I said. I've only ever failed algebra and geometry and gone to summer school, and I don't need anymore math credits, so i'm good.

"Honey, this is just how it's going to be ok? And I promise that on the "bring your parent to school day" -it's almost like a weird parent teacher conference thing- I'll go, and you can come home on holiday breaks and visit" She said, looking like she was making herself upset.

I sighed in defeat, knowing all this fighting is pointless, I'm already enrolled and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it "Fine".


The day of my inner death had finally come and I woke up at six thirty with my best friend Leah who insisted on spending the night, so she could be here when I leave, along with my mom.

I packed everything in all the bags I own -which is a lot- and all the suitcases me dad bought me for this. I honestly can't believe I actually fit everything, I guess Leah can be a miracle worker when it comes to this stuff.

Seven thirty rolled around and Uncle Roger pulled up in his big Escalade. He walked up to the door and I opened it "Hey Alexis, so is this all your bags?" He asked, motioning toward the millions of bags around the door.

"Ya" I answered with a small chuckle.

"Ok, well I'll get your bags, and you can say your goodbye's to everyone" He said while grabbing two suitcases.

"Ok" I went over to Leah and hugged the shit out of her.

"You have to visit every holiday, ok?" She said, sounding like she was going to cry.

"Dude, don't cry, cause than I'm gonna cry and I really don't want to" I said, letting go.

"Ok" She replied, wiping under her eyes a little.

Instantly mom came over and cried and hugged me, which made me cry, which I really didn't want to do until tonight.

"Mom stop" I said and she cried harder.

"Ok" she said and let go "And you better be good, if I here about something between you and Alexa, you will be in so much shit" She tried to sound joking, but I knew there was some seriousness behind it.

I giggled "Ok, well I gotta go, love you guys" I said, and grabbed the last few bags. Uncle Roger is like really fast at this, holy shit. Well, he's probably done it for Alexa a lot, so he's gotta be good.

I waved to everyone as I got into the car and we rolled off.

"So, your uniform is in that box in the seat next to you" He said and I opened it.

What I found was the skimpiest classic school girl uniform. The grey pleaded skirt, white button up, black "vest" -it's one of those ones that barley covers anything and really emphasizes your boobs-, and red tie. I didn't see any thigh high socks -thank the fucking lord- or shoes, so I'm assuming I can just where my own.

Uncle Roger moved his rear view mirror upward so he couldn't see me changing. It took a lot to even change in a car and not feel super awkward every time a car drove by.

I finally got it all on -except for the tie, cause I have no idea how to work that shit- and Uncle Roger started to talk "So Lex, do you know anything about your heritage at all?" That's a weird question, but ok.

"Umm, I know that on mom's side I'm mostly German" I replied, hoping that gives him some insight to how little I know.

"That's not really what I meant. Now this is going to sound very far fetched" He said, pausing for my reaction "Look outside" He said abruptly.

"Ok" I did and I didn't recognize at all where we were and I know pretty much every inch of Staten Island, and we have't been driving long enough to get any farther than that "Where are we?" I asked.

"We're in Bastier" What????

"Where the hell is that?" I asked in so much confusion.

"It's in a separate part of this world, a world only monsters can get to" I almost laughed at his answer, but I din't.

"Oh, ok" I said with so much sarcasm that mom probably would have slapped me.

"It's true, I told you what I said was going to come as a shock to you" He replied, not enthused "This world isn't all that you think it is. All those monster movies you grew up with, are partly true, although there are only seventeen different types of monsters and most all of us -except some- live here in this separate world" He explained even further and I'm trying my damn hardest not to laugh at him.

"This is so fake it's ridiculous" I said, still holding back all my laughter.

"Well Mrs. Umbrage, it's not. I know that you feel different somehow, we all do, or your sister perhaps" Well I don't understand how Alexa's wounds heal so friggin fast, but other that, I don't feel all that different.

"I don't feel different, but Alexa is just a freak of nature" I replied.

"Yes, and that's because you both are half of two different types of monsters. Your Dad is a vampire -like me- and your mom is a hunter" He said, and I actually burst out laughing that time.

Just than I looked over at Uncle Roger and he put the car in park so fast and hopped over the seat even faster, scaring the living shit out of me. I noticed his eyes turned red and four of his teeth had grown to a point "Do you believe me now?" He asked.

I couldn't help but stare into his eyes and I remember these eyes. I remember when I was little and I was cornered somewhere by a man who had the same eyes and teeth. Mom told me not to worry about it after she came and rescued me. I never payed attention to how she did it, but he fled in fear afterwards.

I didn't notice however, that I was frozen until he grabbed the underneath of my finger and started sucking a little of blood. It felt really weird to say the least, it didn't hurt, but it just felt weird, like it gave me tingles in my finger.

He pulled away and he looked normal again. He got back over to his seat so fast, it was almost inhuman, which now I know it is.

"Ya, I believe you, so what else should I be prepared for? Since I know absolutely nothing" This is so surreal, I almost can't believe it, but I know I have to.

"Ok, so there's vampires, hunters, werewolf's, werecats, whitches, devils, demons, elements, incubus and succubus's, imps, giants, pixies, ghosts, elves, mermaids, and last but not least, fairy's" Wow, that was a mouthful. "You can look them all up later, but right now, you gotta go" He said, pointing to the school ahead of me.

"Oh, ok, well thanks for the heads up on that I guess" I said, taking a deep breath in before exiting the car.

"No problem, now I' gotta go bring your bags to your room and here's your sheet on where your room is, your locker and combo, and your schedule" He said and handed me a couple of papers.

"Thanks" I said, and got out. He drove off and I kept walking forward. I wonder why there's no one else around. School starts in like ten minuets.

As I kept walking I noticed a presence behind me, so I looked back and saw I think the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen.

He walked up to me and I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest "I don't think I've seen you before" Now this is extremely awkward.

I chocked up a little, mostly because a guy this hot has never even looked at me before "No, you haven't, I'm new" I said.

"Cool, what's your name? I'm Jordan" I think my heart just melted.





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