Secret Devotions

Secret Devotions is filled with the deepest and darkest secrets that will keep you devoted to coming back for more. Sink your teeth into this epic story about outlandish teens and Justin who are being searched for as war criminals.


1. (1) Thistle

They come after us faster than we'd calculated, strong and prepared. 

Armed and dressed in black as night, they swarm after us from all directions and the heavens. The night is loud as we run in chaos, and or beating hearts are almost audible. My flat feet begin to hurt and my breaths are short and heavy as we run to the only place we know how to hide: underground. 

There, we can use the shadows, but above ground is out of our skill. 

The heel of our boots are loud as we go through the cramped paths in between the tall buildings. They are all over and envelop the city, making a game of hide and seek all the more fun. Each and every second that passes marks another five guards landing, and it seemingly never runs out. 

My ammo is low, and I only have but so much left in my bag. I slouch over in a crevice and throw the black sack over my head. It's lost most of it's weight since a few hours ago, but I can hear the packages bustle inside. I rip past the leather laces and pull out one of the half empty boxes. I have just enough to keep myself armed until we get to our shadows. 

Damn near smashing the loaded clip into my pistol, I swipe the bag back over my shoulders and plop back up. Zing! 

A bullet slides past my eye and hits the glass wall. The glass shatters and I waste no time. My arm slices over some glass and I cry out, but I run through the building away from all my mates. It's time to end this. 

I blow through one of the glass walls on the other side of this building, and I run until I can't anymore. I have to set a diversion so we can get the hell outta here. 

"What the hell are you doing," I ask myself. Ignoring, I dart to what seems to me like an area that's unoccupied. Justice Park is only a few feet away. It stands alone in the heap of a war zone. 

It's like coming out of a forest into a clearing, and it's expanded toward the Yellow River. The park looks inhabited and daunting with it's broken monkey bars and twisted equipment. The sun glistens off the rusty signs and newly placed police tape. 

Justice Park use to stand as a sort of refugee camp for the lost, and now it stands as a constant reminder of the WARP. 

I continue to run and run until I'm almost there. Suddenly, a dark figure comes at me from my left and throws me to the ground. I don't get to look at it's face before it's able to cover my eyes and mouth. I jostle and push and kick out but it's no use under his threatening grip. The mass shushes me and I ignore it as I struggle from underneath. 

"Stop," its menacing, dark voice booms. I can't make out the voice, but it's muffled and I figure I'd figure out who it was. Abruptly, I stop struggling and he quickly loosens his intense grip. 

"What in god's name are you doing?" It asks. He removes his hands and I'm greeted by his mask. He wears a rebel hockey mask. 

"Get the hell off me," I snarl. The man barely moves a muscle before measuring me. When he stands, I begin to remember his stature. I think. 

"Identify yourself," he says. He's dressed in typical Shadow gear. Finally, he lifts his mask to reveal his framed face. He's startlingly beautiful and his jaw is that of a model on the old American posters. His beauty is distracting and I begin to blush underneath my mask. However, I don't recognize him at all. 

"Elizabeth Guzman," I mutter out of my daydream. His lips form a gentle but sexy smirk, and he looks perplexed. His head tilts to the side. "Yes?" 

"Why are you hiding your face," he chuckles. 

"I don't have much time," I say, jumping right back into consciousness. "I have to go!" 

"Where are you going?" He quests. His voice is like liquid in the river banks of my ears. 

"Don't worry about it," I snarl. I run toward the rustic park bench, and throw my pack over it's rest. He runs over to me with grace and care and he touches my arm as I struggle through the laces. I freeze in place and my heart damn near leaps out my chest. 

"What are you doing?" I nervously say. I look up into his beautiful brown eyes which shine in the light and back toward his exposed arms. They're muscular and sweaty and my stomach twists and turns at its sight. I'd love to-

No! I push the thought away. I fumble with the laces but finally open them hard. Jostling around I find the small piece of green machinery. It remains inactive but menacing in the light. 

"Don't do that!" He yells. His eyes grow wide and nervous but I ignore him and run toward one of the huge gas tanks. Sticking the machine to the side of it, I activate it and remove the trigger from its face. 

"We have no time! Let's go." Grabbing my back and throwing it over my shoulder, we run back where we'd come from. Shit!

A line of guards comes our way effortlessly as they notice our size of only two. You should've made sure you weren't followed, I think to myself. 

I leave no time to think. I throw him an AK-47 and I take out my semi-automatic. We fire as we take cover behind one of the metal slabs and we take down two every few seconds. Eventually, I run out of ammunition and he continues to fire with what's left of his. 

"Underground," I yell. 

"What?" He perplexes. I look over to the Yellow River which runs wild and rampant. He laughs but freezes when he sees my seriousness.

"We can't waste any time!" Quickly, we run as fast as we can, dodging the incoming darts. 


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