The new girl

Abby moves all the way from Australia to Los Angeles as her dad received an offer for a job of a life time. At first Abby did not like living in Los Angeles because she was so far away from all of her friends and family but when her mum convinced to to go next-door and introduce herself to them she soon changed her mind about living in Los Angeles as she discovered the cute boy next-door called Justin....


12. The cafe

*At the café*



It was now about 9:30am and we had just arrived at the café. Justin was right, this café was really cool and super photogenic… I couldn’t wait to take some cute photos to share on Instagram and let the girls now I’m still alive and doing well. It’s been really hard not having any of them here, like none of them have met Justin… like yea they’ve seen photos and spoken to him when I was on the phone with him but it’s just not the same! I miss them all so much, if only I could fly them down here.


Justin: Baby what are you thinking about?

Abby: Oh I was just thinking about the girls, I really miss them.

Justin: I know it’s hard but I mean I’m still here hahaha


That boy always knew how to cheer me up, I love his sense of humour…. Even though he probably wasn’t joking but still, he always knew how to cheer me up when I was sad.


Abby: Unfortunately, yes you are still here.

Justin: Ouch babe that hurt!

Abby: You know I’m joking!!!! I couldn’t imagine a world without you!!!

Justin: I know baby hahaha same goes, now let’s go order some food before I fade away completely.


And with that been said we walked up to the register and ordered our food, then went and found a nice place to sit outside by the little water fall set up.


We sat down and my phone stated to vibrate…


Justin: Is that messages from your boyfriend!

Abby: ha ha ha you’re so funny Jay, no it’s actually the girls! They are sending me all these videos on Snapchat, they had the day off school and went to DreamWorld (a theme park in Australia)

Justin: Well let’s make them jealous and show off our food and how cool this place is!

Abby: everything is a competition with you I swear hahaha,

Justin: Always my dear, always.


I start sending them pack pictures of our food and the restraunt when Justin takes my phone and starts recording all these silly cute videos of himself and I. In one of the videos he has the camera right up close to his face and says “Did you know that I love this girl very very much!” and turns the camera around so that it points at me. Then of course I start blushing and he leans in and kisses me.


Justin: You’re actually so adorable!

Abby: shhh you, you’re making me blush so much!


The girls sent back videos with them all talking, I couldn’t understand them all fully but I did hear “awwwww” “OMG you and Justin are so cute!” “Man I need me a man like Justin” “We miss you Abby” and something about if Justin was to ever hurt me how they would fly over and murder him.


Justin: Your friends are super protective of you.

Abby: I know… sorry, it’s only because I dated this guy last year and he was a complete dick, he cheated on me and when I found out I was absolutely shuttered…

Justin: Don’t worry baby I would never ever cheat on you! To be honest I can even believe I’m dating a girl like you!

Abby: I know you never would, I trust you baby and I’m really not that great…

Justin: Oh but baby you are to me!


Justin leaned in and kissed the top of my head. We then started eating our food and talking. We must have been just sitting there talking for ages because when we got up to leave I checked my phone and it was almost 1:00pm! Why does time always go so fast when you’re having fun…

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