The Male Anatomy

There are some things that you just don't tell your parents. You don't tell them about those bowls and cups that have been living and growing under your bed for months. You don't tell them that their meatloaf is dry enough to join the Sphinx's in Egypt. And you don't tell them that you're transgender. Mason Graham was born a Madison. Along with dealing with his gender identity, he must overcome exams, bathroom laws, bad idols, and feelings for that one goddamn boy. Grab your popcorn and get ready for your gaydar to explode in this cute novel about life as a transgender teen.


2. The Thrilling Saga Of Mason The Gay

Have you ever felt lost in your own body? No, not that whole Tumblr romanticism of mental illness bullshit. Lost as in you can’t seem to find anywhere you can slot yourself into. My birth certificate reads my name as Madison Graham. Wrong-o. My name is Mason and I’m just a guy trying to figure who the fuck I am. The only thing I’m sure of at this point in time is that I am not a Madison. I don’t want this body. I don’t want these breasts, these curves, this voice. None of it. And if you haven’t personally gone through it I don’t think I could explain it. Anyway, I guess I should tell you a titbit about my incredibly gay self. Basically I’m a 16 year old trans kid who has somehow miraculously managed to not off myself yet. I live a truly thrilling life of trying to keep up with the pile of clothes growing in my laundry and trying to figure out which flavour of tea I want. I told you. Absolutely exhilarating. I live by myself. Mostly. I am meant to have a roommate but he’s virtually never here, leaving me to myself 97% of the time. I’m thinking of getting a cat. Wait! I forgot to tell you the most fandiddlytastic thing of all! Tomorrow is my first day at Alder Grove State Penitentiary. Did I say Penitentiary? I meant high school. How cliché.

Yo yo yo homies sorry for the short chapter, ily all xx

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