I'm am going to write imagines about youtubers�� sorry if my English isn't the best but I'm kinda young so...��☄�� hope you like it!������


4. Hayes Grier

I was laying in bed and playing clash of clans on my phone when I felt like someone was watching me. I looked up and saw Hayes. A smile was on his face and I started smiling too. He was finally coming home from tour. "I've missed you so much!" I whispered. "I've missed you more" he whispered back. We decided that he was going to sleep here because he was gone in 3 months. We were just laying in bed when I heard he's stomach growling. "Are you hungry?" "Are you seriously asking me that question?" We both laughed and ordered a pizza. After we ate the pizza we decided to watch a movie. "Can we please see a horror movie?! Please please please!!!" He begged me. " you now I hate them!" "Yeah but I'll protect you" "aww! That's sweet! But...I don't now...yes I guess" he jumped in happiness if you can say that. While watching the movie I got so tired that I fell asleep in he's arms. When I woke up I saw the most (not really) beautiful face on earth laying next to me. No seriously he even farted it was so gross but I still love him.

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