The Bad Boy Who Stole My Heart


6. ch.5



" So you're here now ", The voice said I stood up and it was.

" Yeah got a problem with that ", I hissed at him.

" Not at all in fact it annoys me ",

" Oh I'm sorry for annoying you Brad ", I sarcastically said. He smirked and he left

wow what an odd boy....

It's currently three in the morning and I can't sleep like, so I decided to get out of bed and sneak into the kitchen.

I poured some milk onto my bowl of cereals.

" Bray? ", A voice said.

" Jared you scared me ", I chuckled.

" What are you doing here eating cereals at three in the morning? ",

" What a girl can't eat cereals at three ", I eyed at him and he smiled.

" point taken ", and we laughed.


I rolled out of bed and went down

" Surprise, surprise you're finally up ", Mon said and I groaned.

" Where are they ", I asked.

" Charles took them to the store, why don't you feed Chase ",

" Hey buddy ", I sleepily said, and picked him up.

I fed him some bananas and strawberries and set him free to play.

Moments later a car horn beeped and Brad, Tyler, Jared came in followed by Charles.

" So I was thinking that they could repaint the fence ", Charles told my Mom.

" I think that's a great idea, I'm sure Braylon can help out ", Mom said.

" But Mom ", I whined.

" You can try and get a long with them ", Mom smiled and I agreed.


The afternoon breezes is amazing, were halfway on finishing painting the fence.

" Bray ", Jared said.

" What ", As soon as I turn to him he suddenly threw paint on me.

" You did not just ", I said and Jared's laughing like crazy.

I chase him around and finally I got paint on him too, this is how the paint war started.

Shit! I'm about to fall but I ended up on landing on someone.

" You all right? ", Brad asked.

" Yeah, you? ",

" Considering I saved you from falling I think I'm alright ", he said.

" Correction, I actually fell but it just so happens that I landed on you ", I said making my point.

" Are guys going to make out cause you two look like you're about to do it ", Tyler said.

" Maybe ", Brad smirked

" Gross ", I stood up and he chuckled.

" Are you guys d- What the heck happened here ", Charles said with widen eyes.

" Erm... We had a paint war ", Brad explained.

" Well at least you four are getting a long ",

" Just clean yourselves up before you four go to dinner ", Charles added.

We all looked at each other and laughed.


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