The Bad Boy Who Stole My Heart


4. ch.3



Thank god it's Friday, I can't take this hell that we call school anymore, I'm sick and tired of all these bitches around.


" Braaaaay ", Hannah squealed as she ran towards me making me lean on the lockers.

" Hey Hannah, What's up ", I greeted her as I push her away cause she's leaning on me.

" So Bray let's hear those juicy stuff that happened ",

" The erm ah- themonroesareabouttobemystepsiblings " I said in one breathe.

" Bray, Just breathe your words, so spill ",Hannah said as she do those weird hand gestures, I inhale deeply before I respond to Hannah

" The Monroes are about to be my step brothers ",

" What?!?! ", Hannah shouted. I quickly covered her mouth and looked at my surroundings and smiled sheepishly.

 I shushed Hannah and the school bell rang and I removed my hand from her mouth.


" I'll tell you the story later at lunch ", I said and went to class.

" Well well if it isn't my cute little sister ", Brad said as He pinch my cheeks.

" Step ", I corrected him.

" And you're in my way I'm already late for class ",

" Feisty aye ", Brad smirk and I smack him on the arm with my book and left.


Shit Mr. Brooke is already starting his class, he dislikes people who are not punctual to his class, I tried to sneak in but he caught me.

" Well,well if it isn't Ms.not so punctual ",

" I'm sorry Mr. Brooke but Br- ", I tried to explain.

" Detention for you Ms.Hudson ", I groaned.

" What's that I hear? you want another detention? ",

" No Mr. Brooke ", I replied and went to grab my slip before I go to my spot.

" damn Braylon I didn't know you had it in you, you know detention ", Jared whispered from behind

" Oh just shut it Jared will you ", I hissed at him and he leaned back and chuckled.


Lunch arrived and I saw Hannah already sitting at our usual spot,

" Heard you got detention ",

" Mr. Brooke is so annoying ",

" Tell me about it ", Hannah said as she stab her lunch with a fork

" So Braylon spill that interesting story of yours now ", She grinned.

" Well Mom started dating this guy a year ago,a couple of years after my dad you know kind of went to jail for doing shitty stuff ",

" Mhm go on ", Hannah said as she munches on her food still grinning.

" Then Charles invited my mom and I to his house and then they announced that they're moving in together ",

" So you're moving in with them like with those football hotties not to mention Jared whose been your crush si- ", Hannah said but I cut her off before she finished her sentence.

" Will you shut up about that Hannah ", My cheeks suddenly flushed in embarrassment afraid that people might've heard her.

" But Bray it's true you've kinda been crushing on him since the third grade ",

" Who's crush is who ? ", Jared butted in as he sat beside me.

" No one Jared ", I looked at Hannah and I can tell that she's about to explode.

" Why are you here anyway? ", I asked.

" Aw can't your brother have some sisterly love ", he said as he hug me.

I can tell that Hannah is about to loose her chill.

I pushed him away and bid us goodbye.


" So Bray how're you feeling? ", Hannah asked her smile is stretching to her ears now.

" Like I'm about to die because of his bone crushing hug ", I said.

" Aw come on Bray ", She whined.

" Hannah ", I copied her.

" Hey I do not sound like that ", I chuckled.


Lunch wasn't that exciting except when Jared came and decided to be annoying.

The afternoon classes wasn't that much of a fun either, I went to my locker entered my combination and placed some of my stuff away before locking it and heading to the detention room.


I opened the door and saw him.

" Why are you in detention? ", I asked.




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