The Bad Boy Who Stole My Heart


5. ch. 4



" Why are you in detention? ", I asked.

" Might've pissed Mr.Brooke and it wasn't a pleasant sight and I think I've gone deaf ", He Chuckled.

" Awe did you get detention for me ", He smiled sheepishly unable to look at me.

" Is the bad boy shy ", He suddenly gave me an icy glare.

" Sorry, but seriously Jared that's sweet of you ", I smiled at him and gave him a bear hug.

" Okay quiet down people! ", Mr. Brooke shouted. Jared and I sat beside each other.

" As you know all of you are here because you messed with the wrong person, now you all have one hour here in detention so I suggest you all drop your phones in this box ", We all did what he said and he looked like that he just won this battle and all of us became his slaves, all the students here gave him an evil glare and he just chuckled in an evil way.


fifteen minutes had passed by and let me tell you detention is so boring Mr. Brooke fell asleep within the first five minutes.

" Hey Bray want to sneak out ", Jared suggested.

" Won't we get caught ", I said trying to make a point.

" Mr. Brooke is a heavy sleeper he won't even remember us as soon as he wakes up ",Jared said.

" Ooh, But our ph- ",

" Just leave it to me ", He slowly stood up and tiptoed to Mr. Brooke's desk and grab our phones from the box ",

Jared and I got out of detention, were now in his car and he's driving me back home.

" Mom ", I called out. and then my mom came.

" Hey honey and oh Jared didn't know you're here ",

" Hey Liz ", He smiled.

" Why don't you help Braylon load her stuff , the truck is just right outside ", Mom said.

" Gladly ", He smiled.

We load some stuff inside the truck and went back inside the house.

" Mom when are we leaving? ", I asked.

" Today ", She replied.

" Why don't you go there with Jared now I'm sure he's fine with it ",

" Yeah, I'm cool with it ",


Jared started the engine and went off, the ride is quite but I didn't dare to speak up, He and I went inside I saw Tyler with their little brother Chase.


" Hi Braylon ", Chase greeted as he run towards me, I picked him up and hugged him and placed him down again and he went back to Tyler.

" So shall we get to your room? ", Jared asked and I nodded.

He opened the door and the room is big.


" This is your room, if you need anything I'm just across the hall ", I nodded.

I shut the door and placed my bag down, I lay down on my bed and I started thinking, why are they labeled as bad boys they seem so sweet and caring, specially Jared, Ugh Bray stop thinking about Jared he would never like you.


" So you're here now ", The voice said I stood up and it was.



Author's note


Hey I do hope you guys like the story and sorry for the very very long wait so here's two chapters for you guys.



And omg my first kiss is a bad boy wtfffff omg



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