The Haunted House


5. The Savior

The Savior

Lexi hung there catching her breath before the door opened. It was Carson. Lexi was so happy to see him but still really tired. Carson smiled at her half asleep on the ceiling and helped her down. Carson got her feet undone and then her arms. Lexi was so weak she fell right on to the floor. Carson tried to get her up but fell asleep. Carson was never so scared in his life he just realized that Lexi didn't have clothes on. He grabbed her clothes from the corner and put them on her. He picked her up and walked out the door. They were just approaching the front door until the voice came back. Carson stood his ground not taking any more torture.

Voice- you should know that what I do is for the better. Look at it as bringing people closer together.

Carson was surprised at what the voice said. He thought about it and realized that the voice was right. He looked at Lexi asleep in his arms. All that happened today has brought them all closer together as friends. Lexi and Clara couldn't be better of friends and Carson and Lexi are going to be even closer in there lives. Carson walked out the door and through the gate which was actually open. Lexi started to wake up and Carson stopped on the side walk and put her down on the grass.

Lexi- what happened?

Carson- oh nothing.

Lexi- wait, Carson we went into the house and I couldn't find you so I...

Carson- you told the voice to take you and let us go. Didn't you.

Lexi- I love you guys.

Carson looked at Lexi and smiled. He leaned in close to her and they kissed. The same police car came around the corner. Carson got up and talked to him. He asked if they were ok. And Carson looked at Lexi and said they were better than ok. He drove away and Carson went to go sit with Lexi. Carson told Lexi that they should go home to the others. Carson picked up Lexi who was still a bit delusional and carried her home. Carson opened the door to lexi's house and there were all their friends asleep in the living room except Clara. Carson went inside and sat down on the floor with Lexi asleep in his lap. Clara looked over at Carson and said to him not to do anything stupid and thanked him for saving the girl who saved them. They all went to sleep. Clara and Will were on the ground, Gavin and Natalie were struggling together on the couch and Lexi was on Carson's lap on the ground. They learned a lot about each other that night and are now closer together as friends.

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