The Haunted House


2. the journey

The journey

Lexi- so what do you guys want to do?

Will- I don't know but on the way here we saw a creepy house like a mile away.

Clara- oh do you mean the house that looks like a haunted house.

Will- yeh that's the one.

Natalie- Lexi says, that house has been abandoned for years and is apparently haunted.

Gavin- I don't believe that one bit.

Will- Lexi is it true that house is haunted?

Lexi- uuuuummmmmm. Well all I know is that one Halloween when Clara and I were 10, we went trick or treating at that house and my mom said when I got home I looked like I saw dead person or a ghost. Ever since then I never step foot near that house.

Gavin- well let's go check it out. You know to see if it's really haunted.

Clara- are you crazy!!

Carson- Clara's right. We really shouldn't. But we will never know if it is actually haunted till we do go.

Gavin- I agree. I vote we go.

Carson and Gavin were the only ones who wanted to go and the others were on the fence. Gavin talked Natalie into going and Natalie forced Clara and Will to go. Lexi really didn't want to go ever since she was little. She doesn't remember anything but knows she hated what ever happened. Clara told Lexi she will be fine with her friends and was 10 when it happened. Her mom could have made it up so she will never go to that house again. Lexi agreed because Clara was also going and was there with her the first time, but was still really nervous. They all got their shoes and sweatshirts and we're off to their next adventure. All the friends were walking through the streets very silent and frightened of the house and what they are going to see. Carson saw how petrified Lexi was and went over to comfort her.

Carson- you sure you want to do this?

Lexi- not really....... But... I have to.

Carson- ok. Just know I am right here if you need me.

Lexi- thanks Carson.

As they walk down the empty streets a car comes really slowly around a corner. It was a police officer making sure the teenagers were not up to doing anything stupid. Carson went to the police officer to talk to him and make sure Gavin didn't get us in a situation we can't get out of. Lexi was standing alone waiting for the police officer to go away until Clara comes up to talk to her.

Clara- so you and Carson, huh?

Lexi- what.. No. I mean we are just friends.

Clara- don't think I didn't see how he came up to you real close to protect you.

Lexi- friends.

Clara- yeh, ok. Let's go with that.

Lexi- shut up.

The police officer went away telling them to stay safe. After Carson went back next to Lexi and continued to walk. Lexi wanted to walk for hours and never go back to that house but were soon at the gates of the house. Lexi went back to Clara and grabbed onto her arm tight and Clara did the same. Gavin went to open the gates but the were locked.

Gavin- it's locked.

Natalie- no dah. It's an abandoned house and you think it's just going to magically open.

Lexi- darn. Well we better leave and have a better chance next time.

Carson- wait the fence isn't that high.

Will- so?

Carson- so.. We can just climb over it.

Clara- bad idea. Someone can fall and really get hurt.

Carson- ok so I will climb over first and if someone falls I can catch them on the other side and Gavin can be on this side.

Before anyone agreed or disagreed Carson started to climb the fence and was over in no time. Once he was over Natalie went over with no problem and so did Clara very slowly. Will went over but almost fell on the other side but held on tight. Lexi was next but didn't want to go over.

Gavin- common Lexi it's your turn to climb over.

Carson- it's ok Lexi. I am on the other side in case you fall.

Lexi started to climb very slowly and stopped when she was on the other side slowed down and then stopped. Lexi was still thinking to her self why she was doing this and wanted to remember what really happened to her. Lexi stopped daydreaming when Gavin started to climb and shook the fence. Lexi lost her balance and fell. They all screamed scared for Lexi. Carson was ready to catch her and he did. Lexi landed in his arms holding on to his neck eyes closed tight and not letting go.

Carson- don't worry Lexi, I got you.

Lexi- I know. Just don't put me down just yet.

Carson- I wasn't planning to.

When Gavin got over the fence and on the ground everyone was just staring at him except Carson and Lexi having their moment. Gavin was confused until Clara came over to him and punched him in the arm screaming at him that he almost killed Lexi. Carson put down Lexi but Lexi still held on to Carson's arm. They all slowly walked to the front of the door petrified. The house was very tall and old. The shacks are all falling off and Windows all broken. They all approached the door thinking it was much creepier than before. Again the door was locked but Gavin had a stupid idea to kick it open like in movies. Gavin stood back and kicked the door open. Before he put a foot to it, it magically opened leading Gavin to land on his back. They all laughed at Gavin but knew it was then haunted. They all walked in holding someone for safety. When walking in the room they walked into a dark and mystifying room with nothing but holes in the walls and some light from the moon from the ceiling. They got to the middle of the room when the door slammed behind them. The girls all screamed holding each other for life but followed by a massive voice calling from nowhere "who has entered my house". They all screamed. The voice went away and Lexi found Clara.

Lexi- Clara do you remember this place now?

Clara- I do!! I remember the voice but all I remember is being in a room. Do you remember anything?

Lexi-no..... Wait!! I remember we were tied to the ceiling and to the floor striped to our underwear.

Clara- really. We were tied up and naked?

Lexi- wait where did everyone go?


Lexi turned to see her best friend being dragged away by something mechanical, left all alone in the dark room, terrified of what is going to happen next.

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