Cold coffee :: Lashton

"Frappuccino please."

"Coming right up cutie."

Or when Luke works in a coffee shop and one of his regular customers always orders a frappuccino.


2. ::2::

Another boring day had passed with me doing my usual stuff, I'm not really an interesting guy if I'm being honest so there's no point mentioning it right now.

It was the same time as yesterday as I entered the small familiar coffee shop, I grinned at Ellie and noticed Luke frowning while looking into space. He seemed lost – lonely even which made me feel sad inside.

"Morning lukey," it just came out but it got his attention, his frown turning into a huge smile. It looked real, it reached his baby blue eyes.

"Ashy!" He waved happily and rested his head on the palm of his hands. "It's very boring here, especially in the day." Luke sighed but the smile never left his lips.

I giggled cutely and nodded. "Well not many people want a coffee in the day, coffee is for the morning."

"True," he grinned. "So what do you want today? Or are you just here to see me." The blond winked cheekily making a small blush cover my cheeks. Stupid Luke.

"As much as I love seeing your face, I'm here for the coffee," politely I smiled and played with my fingers, nibbling on my nails that need cutting.

"What can I get you, princess?" Luke smiled fondly at me making me blush like crazy again.

"Frappuccino, he always orders it," Ellie chimed in, smirking at the both of us. I forgot she was there damn.

"I'll remember that," then he started to make my drink. I pulled my money out of my pocket and placed it on the counter, ready to slide it over. "Here you go." The adorable blond handed me my drink and took the money, putting it in the till thing.

"Thank you."

"No problem cutie," he winked again and went over to serve another customer. I sighed happily and drank my drink, feeling like my face was going to crack in two from the huge smile plastered on it.


HELLO :) more Lashton lovin' for ya

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