Cold coffee :: Lashton

"Frappuccino please."

"Coming right up cutie."

Or when Luke works in a coffee shop and one of his regular customers always orders a frappuccino.


1. ::1::

I rubbed my eyes as I walked into the strong smelling coffee shop, my nostrils seemed to be blessed with the lovely smell of coffee in the morning.

"Morning Ash." I heard a familiar voice greet me; it was Ellie, a rather old woman who I saw quite regularly because she worked here.

"Morning," I mumbled tiredly sending her a timid smile. "The usual please."

She nodded and started making my drink. "Oh by the way, we have a new worker coming soon," she looked at her watch. "About now." And as those words left her lips someone came through the door, breathing heavily probably from running.

"Am I late?" He coughed trying to calm his breathing, small droplets of sweat slid down his forehead. How much did he run?

"Nope, your shift starts now actually." Ellie led the new guy to the counter and gave me my drink, she then sent me a wink, leaving probably for a break even though it's morning.

I awkwardly smiled at the blond guy behind the counter. "Hello," I looked up and saw a small very small smirk. "You're cute what's your name?"

I blushed a light pink. "Oh m-me? I'm Ashton." I waved shyly making him chuckle.

"Nice to meet you cutie, I'm Luke, remember that because you'll be screaming it later." He winked at me. Oh my lord help me.

I covered my tomato coloured face. "Oh god, I came here for coffee not to lose my virginity."

"You're a virgin?" The blond looked at me confused. I mean I've kissed people and stuff but never actually did the do.

"Yeah..." I scratched the back of my neck awkwardly and bit my bottom lip.

He just stood there staring at me as I drank. Not many people were at the little coffee shop since its early hours in the morning, so he wasn't busy.

Although I had just met this dude, I really liked talking to him; even when he's making sex jokes.



if you do not like the jokes or whatever I'm sorry? Idk it's only a yellow so maybe you're a 13 year old and is v innocent.

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