Boulevard of Broken Dreams :: Malum

"I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known."

Or when two suicidal boys always happen to pass by each other on the same street late at night.


4. ::4::

The same every night; me walking around being depressing and maybe crossing Calum once or twice and maybe checking him out as he walked, maybe. You can't really blame me though, it's Calum we're talking about here.

I walked into a small forest not thinking anything of it until I felt someone breathe down my neck. My eyes widened as I screamed loudly, I started to run as fast as my legs could take me. I didn't want to stick around to find out who that was until I heard a familiar laugh.

"Did I scare you, lil mikey?" Calum laughed, wiping the tears that had built up in my eyes. Embarrassed, I stormed over to him, poking his chest.

"You didn't scare me, I just saw a kitty and wanted to pet it." I pouted making him laugh louder, rolling his eyes at my excuse.

"I totally scared you," he smiled at me. "And you know it." Calum booped (a/n: if that's even a word) my nose making me scrunch it up cutely.

"Don't touch me." I huffed, not happy that he had indeed scared the poop out of me.

"Awe Michael don't be like that," Calum pouted and gave me his best sad puppy eyes. "You wuv me really." Wuv? As in love? I don't love him, I hardly even know him. Am I overthinking this? He only meant it as a joke anyway.

"I don't wuv you," I huffed once again, looking into the distance at the beautiful trees. The sun was raising by now and it looked absolutely gorgeous; the beautiful colours lit up the place all around me and made the dark well… less dark.

"Yeah you do don't lie, I see you checking me out," he winked. Oh my god, he saw me? I was a blushing mess but tried to hide it.

"Lies, all lies." To try and hide my inner tomato, I covered my face with my small hands. Didn't look obvious at all – note the sarcasm.


I wasn't sure what to put so it's short, sorry.

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