Boulevard of Broken Dreams :: Malum

"I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known."

Or when two suicidal boys always happen to pass by each other on the same street late at night.


3. ::3::

Again at the same time as last night I saw him; He was perched peacefully on a tree branch and if I hadn't been looking at the sky at the time, I wouldn't have noticed him. The moon reflected perfectly against his face, making all his features stand out more.

"Hello," I called up to him sort of loudly, grabbing his attention. "You look comfy up there."

"I am, care to join me?" Calum patted the place next to him. Luckily the branch was thick and looked like it could hold a lot of weight so I nodded. Quickly and trying not to slip or embarrass myself; I climbed up the tree, sitting down beside him.

"How long have you been up here for?" I asked curiously while I tried to find a comfortable spot where there wasn't a thin twig up my bum.

"Not that long, an hour maybe," he shrugged like it was nothing. I stared at him in shock. "What?" Calum looked around confused.

"An hour?" I gasped softly. "How numb is your butt?" He chuckled weakly and again shrugged.

"Pretty numb."

••• (basically means time skip)

We had been up there for a while now, just talking and getting used to each other. I found out he's not actually Asian and that he's a kiwi. Did not know that I'm educated.

Unfortunately I didn't get the pleasure to have his phone number but meh, I like seeing him and talking without texting. Yes I love my phone and I rarely go out but, I don't know, seeing him without a devise and in the nature just feels calm. The gorgeous birds chirping and the wind blowing a soft gentle breeze makes it a calming vibe.


I'm actually proud of this ayye. I hope you're enjoying the book btw.

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