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oh my god I'm so tired of waking up alone... ;-;

@calinthehood hey, are you alright?


2. ::2::

This is new, usually people think I'm lying about what I put out on the Internet, and don't bother to ask if I'm okay or not. Well I mean obviously I'm not okay but still.

This shouldn't even be a big deal and I shouldn't be acting like it is but it's just new for me, not even my followers ask about how I am, they all assume my whole account is a lie and that I'm actually pretty happy.

No one has really ever asked about how I feel so this is a first. I don't even think I follow this dude.


Not really but thanks for asking.


What's wrong booboo? ;-;


Nothing important, just me being a baby like usual.

@hulkisme has followed you!

Well hello new follower.

My new follower didn't message me all that night and I sort of felt sad, I'm not sure why though so I shrugged it off like nothing, because it was nothing.

They probably just realised that I was being a baby and decided to just not reply, and followed me to see what I'll lie about next, because that's what everyone else thinks.


short I know but I wanted to update.

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