All she did was send that post. One post was all it took for everything to change for Moni. Soon, she has agencies knocking at her door, kissing her feet, ready to do her bidding. And later goes on to win the affections of quite a few people as well, including all the members of the biggest boybands. Who will win her over? Or will any of them win her over at all?

[original plot by The Yeti]
[cover by me]


1. intro

Hello all! This is my second official book on here.

I plan on not taking this down for any reason.

The original idea was from a lovely person who's username is The Yeti


I just want to clarify a few things before you start.

​My main character is the girl you see on the cover so you guys have

a better visual on her but feel free to alter her in your mind.

Yes this is a One Direction Fanfiction.


Please do not steal this book. My first book got plagiarised

from here and posted on Wattpad and it almost made me delete this account.

​So please, please don't steal this book. I have so much to tell

and it'd really suck if someone tried to claim it.


Now on to the story :)

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