Magic Mirror

Their ounce was a small sick girl. She had a dream that became her life. Leaving behind a single tear she hoped to return again.


2. New Friends

Len's pov:

I was playing with my friends when I finally went home to my empty house and up to my room. When a girl appeared in the mirror. "Who are you?" The he girl asked as I noticed she was in a wheel chair and from the looks of hit I could see she was dying. "I'm a magician but you can call me Len." I said tilting my hat to her. "If I man ask who are you?" I asked being pilot as I possibly  could. I kept glancing back to her chair but I don't think she noticed and if she did then she didn't seem to mind. "My name is Rin." She said with a smile and a crusty in her chair. I smiled a bit and she smiled back at me. "Could we be friends?" I asked with a little laugh and she nodded. She was my first friend even if it would be just for a while.

Rin's pov-

"So you do magic tricks?"I asked Len not meaning to sound rude or anything. "Sorry..." I said quickly making him laugh. "Don't be sorry and no it's not like that. I can make dreams and wishes come to life." He said with a chuckle. "Would you like to see?" I nodded at the question he asked me with a smile on my face. "What would you like me to grant a wish or a dream?" He asked me with a smooth smile and I laughed a bit. "Can you grant my wish and cure me of my illness?" He snapped his fingers and smiled. "What illness would that be Rin?" he asked me with a smile. I moved my legs and screamed with joy as I stood up. "I can walk!" I said with excitement. He just smiled at me and laughed a bit. 

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