Magic Mirror

Their ounce was a small sick girl. She had a dream that became her life. Leaving behind a single tear she hoped to return again.


7. Bye

Family's pov:

"Are you sure there's nothing you can do doctor?" Rin's mother begged as tears ran down her cheeks her son stood behind her scared for his sister's life. The doctor shook his with sad eyes and pat Len's head. "I'm very sorry for you lose Mame ill give you some time alone so you can say your good byes." He said and walked away leaving the family to cry over their lost one.

Rin's pov:

I looked at the boy  again and saw that today he looked sad. "What's wrong Len?" I asked him placing my hand on the mirror over his. He looked down and sighed and then smiled at me again. "I have to go soon princess....I'm sorry that I can't stay longer to make you smile." He said to me and I shook my head not wanting to believe it. "Everything that I gave....was only given to repay. Another life that I've come to see I won't forget the times your sad or happy...and in return I want you to promise me that I will always be....with in your memories...." Then he vanished and the mirror broke. I fell to the ground in tears as all the magic wore off and she could no longer move my legs or feel my feet but I didn't care. I just wanted to see my friend again and too play more games with him.

Len's pov:

I went into Rin's room and watched as a single tear feel down her face. I took a pale shaky hand and wiped it away as the tears started to fall my down own cheeks. "Rin...wake up please..." I said nudging my sister a bit but she didn't move. I knew that she was gone now. I got close to her ear and whispered in it hoping she would hear. "I hope we meet again face to face with out the glass mirror so you can be my princess again and I can't can make your dreams come true." I kissed my sisters head and left the room. "Good bye Rin..." I said as I walked through through the door not looking back.

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