And as if i couldn't dance without you...


2. I don't need no you.

Time's great healer, and i could eventually get over you. 


Dearest Diary,

i'm speaking to you, cause you are a book, 

and whoever is reading this, do you mind being a part of my book?

sounds silly, but maybe you know the feelings,

you might not, because i suppose i'm truly insane, ;3 ;3 <- no worries i got it in control xD JK 

JUST KITTING GUYS!, i'm all normal, atleast in the yea, nvm! xD

Dearest diary, why do world bother me this such pain?

what have i ever done, do i deserve it? i've heard everythign happens by reason..

i hope so, but i find it hard to belive.. as i find it hard to believe he really cares..

on the facade we might look like the best couple in the hole damn world..

i adore almost everything about, exept i can't "read" his feelings..

i think that it might just be alright..

sometime i hate that i though so much about him.. when it clearly doesn't even matter..


I never needed you to be strong << i love that song (hush hush) anyways

so i hate the feeling of i have noone to be together with after school..

that i go home, lonely, but it's alright, because i might be my ex-bff back.. 

i wouldn't call her my best friend yet, but when you though about..

when we talk for the first in two months, it feels so normal and casual..

like we have never men apart and we have never had never "broke" up as bff..

well you know, you don't just go and say, Hey bff, i break up.. Bye ex-bff..

but yea.. u might not get it, and then i reach my mind, you mind cause'

a diary knows exactly what's going on.. ;D


If you asked who i was, i wouldn't have an answar, else than; I'm a girl..

Who am i? that's a big question.. who am i.. who am i, who the hell am i?

i suppose i'm not meant to know, and right now i don't feel like i know..

but it's alright, because i have these moments, where everything seems

possible and i know that everythings great..

that's it's always worth living, and i believe, all of YOU

never fail to realize that it's always worth L I V I N G..

and think about how great you have it, but never compare  yourself to anybody else..

just think about how great it is, that you whatever you do, probably are feeling O K..

that's better than alot others.. and then i just compared, screw it xx


Mira xx


it's always worth living..! convince yourself'


Well i don't know about the date.. in Denmark it is.. 09/05/2016, but i think you write it different like; 2016/05/09, some other places

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