Dance Of Blood: Red Eye

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Naruto characters they belong to their owner.

I only own my own character (Aiko), the plot and any other characters not from the Naruto series.


4. 4.

I slowed down as I neared the room that I had been in the past few days. It looked moderately better now instead of the state that it had been in a few days prior. He had gone a few hours after the incident. He hasn’t been around since. A few days after that I was allowed to move around a bit. The room I had previously been assigned was smashed. There was nothing that could be salvaged from it, well nothing worth salvaging. The older man with white hair appeared suddenly and closed the door with a small smile. They’re probably assessing how much damage is left to repair.

            “Hey! You there! Old Lady!”

            I keep walking as the annoying voice behind me keeps shouting. I swear if whoever that is doesn’t stop shouting then I’ll kill them before this ‘Old Lady’ does. I wrap the white overall around me tighter. The sunlight gently streamed through the windows yet if you touched it the light would be as sharp as thorns.

            “Hey! Old Lady!”

            Ugh. Who the hell does this voice think they are? Stopping outside of the glass window I peer in at all of the small cots that lay within rows. Different names scrawled along the small clipboards attached to their beds.

            “Hey Lady!”

            I roll my eyes and turned around slowly. Three children stand a few metres in front of me. The smallest child being a blonde haired boy. He marched forwards and pointed at me.

            “Hey Lady, I was talking to you!”

            Who the hell does he think he is? I’ll teach him a lesson. Little blonde brat. I push the boy back a bit and sigh in annoyance.

            “Get lost kid,” I say, “I have a name and you are being annoying.”

            The boy gritted his teeth silently and glared at me as I passed him. A girl stood with a black haired boy to the side. The girl stood there silently as I passed them. The black haired boy watched me with stony eyes. He had a laid back posture with his hands in his pockets and his hands leaning a little back.

            “What are you doing?” He asked, “We’ve come to get you.”

            “Didn’t you hear what I just said to your friend?” I replied, “I told him to get lost. That goes for you two too.”

            “Tch. I’m leaving.”

            I watched as the black haired boy walked off slowly. His hands remained in his pockets as he disappeared off down the corridor.


            A blur of yellow sped passed me down the corridor towards the boy. I watched as a vein in the black haired boys head twitched slightly. Just as the blur tackled the boy an angry shout blurted out beside me.

            “Ino Pig!”

            Another blur soon joined the yellow blur. I watched as the pink haired child tackled the yellow blur, which I had just noticed was a blonde haired girl, deemed ‘Ino Pig.’ A fight soon erupted between the two children as they threw insults at each other.

            They’re such children.

            Slowly I walk forwards past the two bickering children. Glancing out of the corner of my eye I caught the boy, apparently called ‘Sasuke’, glaring at me. Returning his glare I carried on passed him and headed back to my room.

            Who the hell do they think they are? Stupid kids…and old lady?! That brat.

            I turn around the corner and stop outside of my door. My hand reaches for the door and just as I go to grip hold of the door the door flung open. I stumble back a few steps and glare at the cause of the incident.

            “Where the hell have you been?!”

            My eyes widen as I take another precautionary step back. He’s stood there. Taking in his appearance I notice the way that his silver hair sticks out in a weird manner and there is a black headband with a silver plate attached to it. Weird. He stares at me for a moment before moving to the side. His gaze was hard as he stared at me

            “Get in now.”

            I shake my head and step back again. There’s a feeling of dread in my stomach as his eyes narrow. I hear footsteps rush down the hallway as he takes a threatening step out of the room. I move back again as a hand flies out in front of me. I look down at the hand and follow it up to the elderly face. The white haired older male stood in front of me with his back to me. He had another hand on a large, white pointed hat that lay upon his head. His white hat slightly covered his face.

            “That’s enough,” He said, “I told you not to come anywhere near her.”

            He turns his attention to the male and placed an arm on his chest bowing. It was a stiff bow that the older male seemed to notice this and pushed me back a bit. The silver haired male’s mask shifted slightly to signify a scowl. Again I’m pushed back more so that my back is against the wall.

            “Of course...Lord Hokage.”

            Hokage...where do I know that word from...?

            He straightens up out of his bow and glares at the two of us. The feeling of dread from earlier rises up more and become more prominent as he takes a step forwards.

            “However I do believe that your orders were to protect her and make sure that she was safe,” He replied, “That was all I was doing.”

            The ‘Hokage’ sighed and stared at him.

            “I gave those orders to Gai and his squad.”

            “Gai couldn’t make it so he gave it to me,” The silver haired male said, “He told me to watch her. When my team didn’t respond when we first found out that she had disappeared from her room…I came here to check that nothing had happened to her.”

            The ‘Hokage’ removed his hand from his hat and flicked his wrist. There were two black blurs that dropped down beside me. Both of them wearing all black outfits with strange white masks on their faces. They both looked to only be in their teens maybe a little older than that for one.

            “Go and get Asuma and Kurenai.”

            I watch him curiously. The entire time that he had been stood between us his voice had never changed. It was soft yet there was this commanding tone to it. One of the blurs left instantly. The other remained still as they watched the silver male closely.

            Why are they watching him so much...?

            The older male beckoned to the second figure dressed in black. Nodding they moved towards me and moved me behind them. I noticed a small shiver run down them as the silver haired male turned their attention on him. The all in black figure tensed and kept me against the wall. He glared at them before turning his attention back to me and sighing.

            “Will you please get back inside?”

            I turned to the Hokage who nodded. The figure cloaked in black stepped up to him. He made himself seem taller. The silver haired males fist clenched shut again as he tried to stare down the younger person.

            “You saw the Hokage. Move out of the way.”

            Male...I wonder why they wear that mask? Then there is this guy.

            “Are you listening Hatake?”

            A sigh came from beside me as the Hokage stepped forwards. Shaking his head slowly at the silver haired male I watched as ‘Hatake’ nodded hesitantly and moved out of the way. Both of the other men gestured for me to go in. I stepped in cautiously and took a look around. Nothing has been changed, nor has anything been touched...that’s good.

            “Yes, of course I’m listening,” He replied, “As long as she’s here then I don’t need to worry about it.”

            I close the door and move to sit on my bed.

            “Neh, Kakashi?”

            That’s a new voice. Who’s Kakashi anyway? Maybe Kakashi is their boyfriend considering the voice sounds female. Hmm...


            “You know what.”

            Wait, I know that voice! I wonder could it be...?

            “You can’t keep getting annoyed like this.”

            It has to be!


            I fling the door open to face the brown haired male. Looking the same as ever with his spiked hair and serious look on his face, the only difference that I could say would be his choice of clothing. Wearing a black headband with a silver plate in the middle that had a leaf symbol engraved in it. Asuma turned to me and smiled widely as he spotted me. Opening his arms, I jumped at him and gave him a bear hug. Everyone was watching us as he chuckled and I giggled.

            “Well it’s been a long time hasn’t it Aiko...?”

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