Dance Of Blood: Red Eye

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Naruto characters they belong to their owner.

I only own my own character (Aiko), the plot and any other characters not from the Naruto series.


1. 1.

The last few people bustled into the different taverns and huts slowly. The cold air nipping at their arms as they pushed past each other. The small amount of heat not being enough to warm their body as they shook the snow off their boots. All of them heading towards the table at the back like they always would. The waiter approached them with a smile as all of them ordered their usual drinks. Two Cokes, one beer and one Sake. It was only a few minutes until the drink came, a few minutes that was filled with laughter and smiles as they chatted among themselves. The waiter hesitantly placed the drinks down as they thanked them and turned their attention back to each other. None of them noticed the grey haired man sat a few tables away watching them. Not until it was too late that is.

            A few hours passed as the group became weary and some slightly under the influence of their drink. They all stood each of the sober two supporting the not as sober one. The first pair left as soon as they had put their share of the total down while the other two reached into their pockets and pulled out their share. The non-sober female stared at the sober one before placing theirs down and hurrying out of the tavern. Her feet clattering against the floor as she swayed to the side. The sober one stared at the door for a moment before cursing under her breath and pulling out extra money. As soon as the money was on the tables her hands flew to her jacket pockets as she followed suit. She pushed the door open and stepped out searching for her friend. Trudging along the snow crunched loudly under her feet as her eyes narrowed. The snow fall had become heavier by this point.

            She sighed and shook her head before pulling her hood up and calling her friends name out a few times. She stopped when there was no answer and jumped on the spot a little in an attempt to warm herself up. She thought about the other taverns that were still open with their lanterns full of light. She moved towards one of them after a few more minutes of searching. Something wasn’t right. They never ran out on each other at a meet up. It was group policy; a policy that they always kept too. Her teeth chattered quietly and her body shivered as she reached out to take hold of the door handle. Perhaps her friend was in here she was, after all, a known pub jumper. Constantly going to different pubs, one after another, sometimes to find out which was the most hospitable. Other times for fun.

            Her fingers wrapped around the door knob gently before something interrupted her. A scream. A shrill scream. Her ears pricked as they recognised it instantly. Her mind blanked. Her legs moved on their own turning her and making her sprint towards the noise. The taverns around her carried on as if nothing had happened. Her mind racing with a million questions. She pushed herself onwards towards the source of the noise and slid around the corner. Her breath hitched as she stopped and her eyes landed on the scene in front of her. Her friend lay limp in the arms of a stranger. Blood trickled down her neck dripping onto the pure white snow. Crimson tainted the previously pure layers while hands, invisible to the naked eye, clambered up her. They wrapped themselves around her growing tighter and tighter until she snapped. Stumbling back, she watched as their head lifted slowly.

            Mismatched eyes stared at her. A smirk slithered onto his face as he scanned her up and down. Rips covering his clothing. Thin lines of blood lining some while heavier loads seeped from the skin underneath. Chuckling lowly they took a step towards her. The allowed the limp body to slide to the floor as they dusted their hands together. The female mirrored their action cautiously. Their eyes trained on her as finally…I screamed.

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