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10. secrets

I've been staring at the book and maps all day wondering why I couldn't see Pan's life. When I asked about Peter Louis looked like he was about to have a panic attack if he ever talks about them. "Ivy, class ended" I looked up and the class is empty it's only just me and Harry "are you ok?" I handed the book to Harry "tell me about Pan's family" I commanded "I- I have a teachers meeting to go to" then he quickly ran off, what is so bad about his family?

I walked down the hall bumping into Peter "Peter, just the person I wanted to see!" "Huh?", I shoved the book at him "tell me about your family" his skin went pail Paulette than usual "Peter?" He looked at the book for a moment "uh...Shadow a little help" his shadow came out of his back putting Peter to sleep "no don't you don't" I grabbed his shadow's leg dragging it and putting it back where it belongs "dammit" I smiled "now tell me about your family why is everyone so afraid to talk about your family?" I asked "because, Ivy!" I pierced my lips "because what?" I wish I didn't push him because he snapped "BECAUSE IF I SAY HIS NAME WHERE DOOMED AND NOT ONLY THAT THEY'RE PRACTICALLY CURSED!" I tilted my head squinting my eyes a little trying to comprehend what he just said "cursed?" He sighed "we're going to be late for class."

During lunch I sat in the grass under a tree with the others "where's Pan?" Jack asked biting into his sand which "ah, he's...uhm...cooling off right now" I say lowly "co-cooling off?" I hear Astrid say "what did you do?" Her voice deepened into a growl "I asked him about his family" Luke almost choked Jack went pale and Astrid growled. I scoffed "not you guys to, what is so bad about his family?" I asked a little annoyed "almost everything...look" Astrid sighed crinkling her eyebrows and pinching the bridge of her nose. "Pan doesn't like talking about his family because it brings up his past as well." They seem to hesitate a little then finally started to tell me "it all started with Peter, his son, his son's son, an evil queen, a princess, a prince and their baby" I opened the book with the map and she started to tell me more. "Peter wasn't a boy, he was a lier, cheater and a thief and his son Rumpelstiltskin was a innocent child who wanted a normal family. His father, Peter wanted to be young and free with no rules, so they went off to a land called never land, which is here" Ivy pointed at a island "Peter wanted to stay on the island but the shadow that we know now told him that if he wants to stay on the island he had to let his son go and he agreed. His son was taken back to the enchanted forest where he lives while his father transformed into what we see as Peter now. A few years later rumple had a son named Baefire, Rumples wife believed he was a coward that broken his own leg during the Ogre wars as time passed the wife found a new lover Captain Hook. Rumple didn't know and wondered where she was. He became the dark one, everyone feared him even his own son." This story is horrible, it's sad "...Bae took the bean the blue fairy gave him and used it to get away from all the magic but his father didn't go and stayed.

Of course everyone knows the story about Snow White, well the evil queen Regina cursed the enchanted forest to this world where they can't remember anything. Their daughter Emma was sent here along with Pinocchio, and when Emma turns 28 her family will reunite. As a teen Emma got her self pregnant by Baefire Rumples son; after giving birth, her baby was adopted by Regina and she named him Henry. After Bae dies she ends up with hook, Peter is nothing but a dark evil spirit,well use to, but he's cool now." I had no idea Pan's family was this complicated "so, passing time Rumple fell in love with Bell and now she's pregnant with his child. Regina hated snow because she told a secret she wasn't supposed to tell that led to her lovers death but now she healed her pain and moved on then fell in love with Robin Hood who soon well, died protecting her. Regina has a sister named Zelena, the wicked witch of the west from Oz, she was pregnant with Robin's baby. The two hated each other. It when they found out the truth everything between them healed and moved on. Hayden My father was in love with Zelena but he died after killing Robin. Emma and Hook became dark ones but Hook killed himself to get rid of the darkness then Zeus my lovable uncle brung him back to our world. By the way I'm his Favorite" I laughed "our cousin Hercules was killed but he's ok of course he's back with our uncle. Pan also died but I had my father bring him back from the lake of lost souls. Henry became the Author of his family's book we call it OUAT or Once Upon A Time. All of our stories are in two books, this one and the one Henry has." I put the families together "so Pan is the father of Rumple who had a son then his son had a son with Emma so Pan, Rumple, Belle, the prince and snow are the grand parents then Rumples child will be Henry's uncle or Aunt then Regina who is his adopted mum and Robin who would have been his father then we have Hook dating Emma who wants to have a life with Hook, Zelena would be a mother and Aunt." This is so complicated and my head is hurting from thinking too hard "ok I think I got it now" Astrid laughed "good" Jack cleared his throats "you need to talk to Pan" I nod and run off to find Peter. "Peter" I yelled, the bell rang and I still couldn't find him.

After school I went around looking for Pan then went home to see if he made it home. "Ivy dinner is ready!" My mom yelled "coming" I went down stairs and sat beside my dad "I was thinking , we should go star gazing tonight on the roof like old times" my dad suggested. We used to stargaze when together when I was little, now that they hardly hang out with me because of their this will be a great opportunity to do "that's a great idea dad we haven't done it in a while this should be fun" I say cheerfully "great!"

After dinner I stared out my window like a little girl waiting for Santa, I couldn't wait for the sun to go down. I know I should be finding Peter but he can wait, right now family is important.

Hours passed and my parents came into my room with apologetic looks on their face "sorry hub work just called we can do it tomorrow" I sighed waving them off "do what you have to do." Then they were gone, well this gives me time to look for Pan but I can't find him.

The sun soon went down I still couldn't find him so I went to the roof "Peter I'm sorry for what I did, please come back" I yelled. I looked down at the ground breathing then jumped I was close to hitting the ground till someone caught me my eyes met two pair of green ones and angry ones "what the hell Ivy you could have gotten hurt" before he could fly off I grabbed his wrist "it was the only way to get you out here, I wanted to say sorry for pushing you to tell me your story. Astrid told me everything and-" I was cut off by an angry voice "she what?" His voice became dangerously low which made me nervous "she-she told me about your family, but it's ok not everyone's family is perfect. My family is not perfect" he shook his head "you don't understand I killed people, I killed my close friend, I tried killing Henry and my own son I'm nothing but a bloody demon" I scoffed "not in this world your not, kids look up to you as the boy who can fly and not age, and can do whatever he wants. Kids look up to you as a hero there are even songs and movies about you." I looked up at him and his face softened, he looked away at the ground wiping his cheek "in still a monster" he sniffed. I grabbed his hand pulling him inside "to me your not, i have a favorite song I like to play when ever I feel alone, lost or scared and it's about you. It's called Neverland by my favorite singer Zendaya" I sat him down on the chair beside me and I started playing the piano and sang "whenever I was frighten, or I felt alone, I turn to the night sky, and call a star my own..." I felt Pan's eyes on me and blushed. I never sang for anyone before, I went to the next key "...we can sail away tonight, on a sea of pure moonlight, we can navigate the stars to bring us back home..." I the moon light started glistening over us making the piano illuminate in its light.

After I was done singing I looked at A smiling Peter "I didn't know you can sing, also thank you" I smiled "your welcome" we both sat silent then he grabbed my chin gently "your crying" he used his thumb to while away my tears. "Sorry" he laughed "its fine" he lowered his face to mine "you're beautiful" then our lips touched. His lips were soft and gentle on mine. He picked me up taking me to my room and laid me gently on the bed "Peter-" he hushed me with a lustful hungry kiss.

The next morning I woke up naked beside Peter, OH GOD WE HAD SEX, I HAD SEX WITH THE PETER PAN A CHILDREN'S MYTH!! "Ivy?" Peter groaned pulling me close. "Peter get up" I say "not yet" I pinched him making him jump "what?" He whined "we had sex" I said "uh..yeah" he said slowly "the others will kill you for this when they wake up out of that book." He rolled his eyes "I don't care about them besides I'm pretty sure they heard everything, just because live in that book doesn't mean we can't hear what's going on" I started to feel pail. After Peter and I put on some cloths the book quickly opened and in a flash Michael has Pan pinned to a wall "WHAT THE FUCK!!" Astrid pulled me behind her growling while the others yelled at Pan "you had sex with her?!" Liam asked in anger "what does it matter?" Michael's grip tightened "Peter you're nothing but a demon an evil child story and not only that you're going to hurt her, you don't even care about her!" Zayn said. I looked at Astrid who is angrier than any of them "I do love her and I wouldn't hurt her" my stomach felt different as if I needed to- oh God, I rushed to the bathroom and started to puke. The yelling became louder and I felt Astrid pull my hair back "it's ok I'm here" I decided to take a pregnancy test...


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