Ok I keep messing up on my myth story so yea sorry guys


11. positive

I came out of the bathroom with the pregnant stick. Everyone was still in the same position, Peter in Michael's grip and the others in fighting position. Peter caught my stare and we looked into each others eyes. Michael looked between us two "I'm-I'm pregnant" I handed the stick to Peter and he smiled with tears in his eyes. Michael's eyes went black as his wings sprung out flying out the window with Peter in his tight grip. "They will be fine Ivy just let them fight it out" I heard Calum say "You're like a little sister to him Ivy, and no he's not mad at you for what you did he's mad at him for what he did to you" Ashton said. I shook my head "he didn't do anything to me it was my chose" I say angrily "what makes him so terrible? Is it because his family is the OUAT or that his son is Rumpelstiltskin" Everyone went silent except for Louis "who told you?"

"At least Astrid was brace enough to tell me" I say "that wasn't the problem, the problem was his name and talking about him, if you say his name-" we were cut off by a unfriendly voice "hello dearies" a green skinned guy with curly brown hair. "You got out of the book, how?" He laughed "oh no sweet heart I came from the OUAT book you see I'm not like Peter or the others. The book you have is light the OUAT is dark and light and the second book I know you have is dark. But I'm not here for the books, I'm here because someone keeps calling me, I tried to ignore it but I can't,so,what the hell do you want?" Liam stood in front of me spreading out his wings in front of me, protecting me. "We were just talking" Louis said "about me, how sweet" Peter and Michael came flying in all bruised up "I'm not going to kill you, only because you're the father of her baby and that she needs you" Michael said, "hello papa" Pan frowned "son" I can feel the tension between the two then Rumpel faced me with a creepy smile.

With the wave of his hand he strapped down Liam and threw him across the room. "You must be the lucky girl caring his child, he's just going to leave you right after that baby is born" he tried to touch it but it repealed against him. "Your baby must have amazing powers just like Emma except it's stronger. Hmmm.. how about I make you a deal-" Pan jumped in front of me "you are not taking our child" rumple laughed "she wouldn't have a chose after the baby is born you will give her or him to me and if you do I will spare your family. Don't you want to finish school, graduate and go to college?" That's what I want but it's not worth giving my child to that monster but also I do want to keep my family safe. "It's not like you care about that baby."

Calum grabbed me and carried me out with the others "wait we need to go back rumple might kill him" I say "he will be fine trust me" Calum said to me we watched from outside and saw them fighting it out "the black book" I said quickly "don't worry I have it and the book of Myths is inside Astrid for safety" I grab the black book opening it "if I write his name in this book from a distance will it work?" Astrid nodded. I wrote his name down and started saying the spell "it's working, keep it up" I heard screaming inside the house then it stopped. I looked down at the book and it glowed "he's in lock it" I did what Astrid said and she snatched it from me "what are you going to do with it?" She tossed it to Michael transforming into a dragon. Michael touched her chest forming a portal and in the book went then it closed. Peter came out limping "Ivy you're ok-oomph" Calum punched him in the face "that's for putting Ivy in danger and getting yourself killed" I ran up to Peter and hugged him "don't do that ever again" he pulled me closed "I'll never leave you, and I'm glad you're ok" he kissed my lips laying his hand on my stomach "I can't wait to be an actual good dad" I kissed him again "you will" he pulled me back in his arms nuzzling each other.

We were going to go back inside till I saw my parents "mum, dad!"

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