Ok I keep messing up on my myth story so yea sorry guys


4. introducing

"So, why are we outside?" I asked "just enjoy the show" I sat in the grass with my legs crossed watching them do there stuff. As they started to 'transform' Liam, Astrid, Ashton, Louis and Harry went on all fours their backs arching and their bones shifting in different places. Slowly I my eyes widened as I saw something coming out of their body. First a tail comes then enormous wings coming out of Liam, Astrid and Louis back. Zayn's wings slowly revealed them selves and they are beautiful; flaming in the night sky, Niall had a staff in one hand a green hat in a nice green suit. Calum's wings are spread out and his head was a... BIRD! Ashton is a full grown wolf, Luke had a tail and ears on the top of his head,Michael has beautiful black wings,darker than night, Harry is a large lion, Liam turned into a griffin, Zayn with his flaming wings, Niall in his green outfit, Louis a giant cat thing and then Astrid which she became A GIANT, ASS, BLACK DRAGON!! Her yellow eyes staring at me "ok this is all to real!" I try backing away but almost fell but was caught by someone's tail a dragons tail "please don't eat me, I'm not that delicious" they all looked at each other and laughed "this beautiful creature wouldn't hurt a fly but she can be very playful" Niall said as his accent became strong "Niall here is a leprechaun, Calum is well Horus the god of the skies, Louis the sphinx, Harry the nemean lion, Zayn a Phoenix, Liam a griffin, Luke a shifter, Ashton a werewolf, Michael a demon, Astrid is of course a dragon and me as the lovely Jack Frost." I couldn't speak "aw she's speechless... oh wait nope she's fainting" then black.

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