Ok I keep messing up on my myth story so yea sorry guys


12. Explain ~edit~

We sat on the couch in front of my parents " would you care to explain what is going on, we just saw a girl transform from a human to dragon and human again." My mum said so I explained it to them, they thought I was going crazy until they showed them their powers and believed me but I also have to tell them another thing... I'm pregnant with Pan's child.

"Uh... mum, dad there's something I need to tell you" I take a deep breath and come out with it "I'm pregnant and it's Peter pan's baby" they both went silent for a moment "are you serious? Ivy you're 17, you have a big future ahead of you" I rolled my eyes "I know mum" my dad furrowed his eyebrows as if he's trying to put the pieces together "you're basically protecting this world from dangerous threats, you're a protector of two books and your pregnant." I nodded "well, I guess I can't keep it a secret anymore" what is he talking about? What secret? "Mara I know your in my kitchen taking my cheese!" I hear a little chuckle "come on little brother it's just two slices I need "Ivy, Mara is your aunt who of course gave you that'd book or books, apparently she gave it to you a little early which I'm shocked that you learned quick especially from those idiots" the boys gaped "don't give me that look you four have a short attention span of squirrels, the five of you are well actually you guys are smarter than them, Jack can't be serious for a minute and Pan he can't stop thinking about fucking my daughter which we will have a talk about" Pan blushed making me laugh.

"You're pregnant! That's unexpected" my Aunt Mara says earning a glare from my dad "your aunt is a witch, I'm a unicorn from equestria a very important unicorn that is supposed to be at the crystal empire and your mother is also a unicorn she's twilights pupil" I nodded "Peter we need to talk in private" the tip of my dad's finger glowed and he slammed the front door shut. "So who wants to go to the-" my mom cut them off "not right now, we're going to equestria, we're going to need twilights help" she opened a portal and we went through going into our true forms. My mom became a light purplish color with a horn on her head and her mane has white strips of hair mixed in with her purple mane. I'm a orange pony with wings, a horn and a printing on my but "mom what is this?" I ask "that is a cutie mark, a cutie mark shows your special talent and yours is well you know magic and mines is magic as well just like twilights. Speaking of twilight let's go" I started galloping or running or what ever you call it. Liam became a Griffin, Ace a dragon, Zayn a Phoenix and I think you know the picture. I'm guessing going through equestria puts you in the form that you are well except for Peter he's just a pony which I thought was cute.

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