Will the problem ever stop ?

This book is about girl who is loves to dance, sing, and fights. She has lot of the problems in her life. People thought that she was bad person just because of her dad, older brothers, and other people in her life. Her dad was gang leader, so that means a lot of problems with other gangs. She has problems trusting guys after her ex-boyfriend cheated on with her ex-best friend. After her boyfriend cheated on her, she mets guy who is try to get her trust her, but it might long time. The question is will she become like her dad or like her mom?Will she trust guys again? Will she survive her battle for her life? Will her past come in kick her in butt or will she be free from her past? The most important question is will she be able to things she loves with out hiding it? Will she get her ex off here back?


3. Cara

Hi my names Cara Rayna King. I’m different from my family. The reason for that is that they in gang which i for one don’t like to part of, but when come to my family being danger that where I don’t care if not like being in the gang, but I need to help my family. Thing is I like dancing, and sing. What the problem with that you may ask? Well, my dad and my order doesn’t me doing other stuff. They want me to leader a gang. Well I got two word for ya. Hell No!!!!!!! Let me be me, but no they yell at me. Man wish that people wasn’t afraid of me. They that I’m bad guy because of my family. I want to different than them. They just don’t get me. I thought that I that wouldn't make friends or have a boyfriend, But I do. My friends names are Paris, Tashia, Sabrina, Jenny (who isn’t good friend), Parker, Tommy, and Samuel. My Boyfriend’s name is Alex Olle.
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