Night Chages

Autumn has been suicidal since her mom had died. Her dad killed her mom while he was drunk and now he abuses her. She doesn't really have anyone to go to. Will meeting the boys change her life?


2. Hospital

 Harry's POV

"Don't let him find me..." she whispered. "Who, don't let who?" I asked with confusion, but she didn't answer I looked down and she had passed out. I got to the car that was around the corner and unlocked it and laid her down in the backseat and jumped in the drivers seat and started to drive fast but not too fast.

Who is "he" she was talking about. why does she not want him to find her, is she lost, did she run away. My thoughts ran wild while driving I realized that I didn't even know her name.

Once I got there I hoped out of the car and went to the backseat and got her out and carried her inside and sat her down in a chair. And fast walked to the lady at the desk, " Hello how may I-" I cut her off "I found this girl on the streets and she is bleeding a lot and she passed out" I rambled on still worried " Okay and name please"

I didn't know her name.. "I-I don't know her name but does that really matter she needs help now!" I said while raising my voice a little.

She looked frightened " O-Okay well then go though these down and down the hallway, Room 145 its the third door on your right" I quickly thanked her and picked up... the girl and found Room 145 and laid her on the bed and as soon as I did I saw a doctor and a nurse come in.

" What happened young man" the Doctor asked and I told him what I told the lady at the desk. "Okay thanks would you please step out in the waiting room please" I didn't want to what if she wakes up and I don't know and she freaks out and - My thoughts were cut off by the Doctor " I'll tell you when you came come in or when she wakes up okay?" Wow he is like a mind reader

"Yes Sir thanks that would be great" I said as I left to go to the waiting room. As I was walking to the waiting room I called the boys and asked if they could come down and that I would explain everything when they get here and meet me in the waiting room, I heard Liam and Zayn sigh with relief when I said that and they all were on there way.


                                       >>>> Time Skip <<<<


As I waited for the boys I finally saw Lou and Zayn they both ran up to me and hugged me and I pulled away when I heard Liam running with Niall trying to eat a piece of his food, I guess they were eating when I called.

"What happened, and why are we here?" Louis asked that's when I told them everything from when I saw her first and when I finished talking they were a little shocked and confused.

" Did you find out who "he" is yet" Niall asked, " No" I said with sadness in my eyes. That's when Doctor came in he had told us that we can visit and that she can hear us but she basically hasn't physically woken up and I helps if we talk to her and stuff like that, and once he got done talking I ran to her room which wasn't that far and grabbed her hand and said " I'm here and my boys are also here for you" "yes we are please wake up" said Zayn.

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