Night Chages

Autumn has been suicidal since her mom had died. Her dad killed her mom while he was drunk and now he abuses her. She doesn't really have anyone to go to. Will meeting the boys change her life?


1. Dan

 Autumn's POV

 " GET DOWN HERE NOW!!" Dan yelled from downstairs. Great Dan is home, he is usually drunk because all he does is go down to the bar and after he comes home and bitches about me. My name is Autumn, I live with my dad its not like I want to its just that I have no where else to go. And since I'm only 13 I cant live on my own. Also I never really go to school there is no point but my dad makes me go, so I just leave after First period. I should go downstairs now.

" Y-yes Dan" I said trying to show no fear. "I told you to call me Sir! " he yelled back  " Yes Sir, sorry Sir" I said I really am scared of him. " Now don't ever call me Dan again you will regret it" He said with venom. "Y-Y-yes Sir" I stuttered.  

He slapped me across the face, he grabbed a plate and smashed it on the floor. " CLEAN IT UP U SLUT" he says as he grabs me and puts me face down on the counter and grabbing a knife and started taking off my shorts the shirt showing off my panties and bra. I tried to fight back but he cut my side with the knife.

I begged him to stop but it only made it worst. He then picked me up and moved me over to the stove and forced my stomach onto the burner and luckily it was off. But it didn't take him long to notice and he turned it to high. I screamed as the heat started to burn into my skin. It hurt to much and I started to kick and scream.

Then I kicked him in the balls, and got two feet away when he grabbed me and punched my check and rib. And that's when I started balling the tears wouldn't stop falling from my face. He kicked me again and he yelled "When I get back the house better be clean!!!" and that's when he grabbed his keys and left with SLAMING the door behind him.

I just layed there and cried, cried ,and cried until I finally got up and ran to the bathroom and grabbed my razor and made three cuts on my wrists. I have to get out I have to leave, now is my chance he probably left to get more beer so he wouldn't be home a little while.

So I packed up my things, I didn't have many things but just enough. Once my stuff was packed up in two bags I went out the back door so incase my dad happened to come home and I went around to the front and started walking. It started to rain, then lighting it was a bad storm.


                                        >>>> Time Skip<<<<


By now im soaked and giving up, until I remembered I had a gun that I stole from my dad before I left. I sat down on the ground in the dark in the rain by a street light. I started to cry and kept remembering my mom... then I took off my bag and started to pull out the gun, and that's when I saw someone standing and staring  in my direction.

I thought it was my dad so I started to panic at put the gun in my bag and started to run and I looked behind me once I got to a trash bin and hid behind it and I made sure I could see and I thought he was gone when I fell backwards and fell right on top of a mirror. Just wonderful, isn't this perfect. I thought while I felt my back in a sharp pain.

I looked at my soaked shirt and saw blood. Then the figure came running towards me. FUCK, you have messed up big time Autumn, Youre done for he gonna kill you, at least you will be in a better place without him. I thought as I started to ball my eyes out in my hands, I rolled up in a ball in the rain as the man came running towards me. I held my eyes shut tight, and that's when I heard "OH MY GOD!!!!! ARE YOU OKAY?" he yelled as I slowly opened my eyes to see who it was.

" What happened love?" he asked his face filled with surprise and fear, " I-I" I stuttered, I couldn't get anything out. "You're bleeding... let me get you to a hospital" he said while leaning down on the sidewalk making eye contact. "P-please" I cried while trying to stand but fail. "Its okay love don't move" he said and picked me up bridal style. And I managed to get out " Don't let him find me" I whispered while slowly passing out, but heard him say "Who don't let who?" he asked but I couldn't seem to answer before passing out.

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