Pewdiepie's Fabulous Daughter

Meet Felicity Kjellberg, Felix and Marzia's daughter. They say she can be like her dad and she learns the art of being a YouTuber just like him. Felicity has a lot to learn and I mean A LOT to learn.


1. Meet Felicity

Felicity Kjellberg is the daughter of Pewdiepie and CutiepieMarzia. She is 13 years old and takes up from her dad and has her mom's sense of fashion. She made her YouTube debut as a baby in one of Felix's vlogs. The Bros and Marzipans instantly fell in love with her. She got her first YouTube channel and named it Princesspie because Felix called her his "fabulous little princess". She, on most times, stars in either one of their YouTube videos. She does gaming videos and reads to her fans which calls her "princesses" she vlogs too sometimes with her favorite selfie stick and does videos of her singing and dancing. She definitely has a lot to learn on being a YouTuber.

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