Demons from Hell must go up to the human world and pretend to be human until someone finds out they aren't...

*Sexual Content! WARNING!*


1. The start of the human World

“I’m not going to the human world now, I’m about to have my ceremony.” I say as I cross my arms.


He paused for a minute. “I’m doing this for your own good. It’s getting too dangerous here with the war going on. So you’re going to the human world and that’s final.”


He slammed the door shut as he left the room. I can’t believe I, almost satan, have to go to the human world now. I sit on my bed and think. I haven’t been up in the human world in awhile, I wonder what it’s like. Just then Chase walks in. I sit up from my bed and look at him.


“What do you want?” I say unpleased.


“Your father sent me, he wants you to start packing for the human world.” He put a black suitcase right next to me.


As he left the room I started grabbing my clothes. Lucky for me everything I owned was black. As I started packing I found my favorite dress and decided to wear it since I’m leaving.


The dress was black and went almost all the way to my knee. It had no sleeves so I decided to put a black leather jacket on.


After I finished packing I brought my suitcase downstairs. I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.  I found my boots and put them on. They came half way up calf, they were also black.


We have almost everything a human has in the human world. We don’t eat so we don’t need a kitchen, we don’t like the sun so it’s always dark, and we don’t have churches because… duh.


A few minutes later I heard my doorbell ring. I got up and fixed my dress because it slid up, and then I opened the door. It was my best friend, Natalia. She is second in command of here.


“Are you ready to go?” I look down and she was holding a suitcase.


“Are you coming with?” I grabbed my suitcase by the stairs.


“Yeah, I wasn’t going to let you be alone. Oh, Chase is coming too.” My eyes widened.

“What? Why?” We started walking to the car in front of my house.


“Your dad said you needed protection up there, just in case.” We put our bags in the trunk of the car.


We get in the car and Natalia is driving, and I’m in the passenger seat. As we drive to Chase’s house I look out the window of the car. The sky in Hell is a very dark blue with gray clouds. Since we have no oxygen there isn’t trees or grass so instead there is soul sand (our dirt). We are still driving and while we drive we pass the chambers along the way. There are different champers such as the screaming chamber, the food chamber, and the sex chamber.


We are now at Chase’s house, he was waiting outside his door. He got in the back seat with his bag and buckled up. We started driving to the portal that takes us to the human world.


“So, ladies, what is going to be our roles in high school?”

Chase asked while touching my red-fiery hair.


“I don’t even want to begin to think about that.” I smack his hand off of me.

“Are we still staying in our old apartment?” Natalia asks as she drives.


“Yeah, it’s where we were last time.” I looked in the back seat and smacked Chase because he kept touching me.


“Damn, I was just playing.” he rubbed the side of his face.


“Don’t touch me.” I gave him a death stare.


Moments later we enter the portal to the human world and we are in California under the hollywood sign. We drive onto the road and into traffic, something I didn’t miss. I turned up the radio and the song Ride came on by SoMo.


Take off those heels, lay on my bed

Whisper dirty secrets while I'm pulling on your hair

Poison in our veins, but we don't even care

Candles dripping on your body, baby this ain't truth or dare

Everybody wonders where we run off to

My body on your body, baby sticking like some glue

Naughty, let's get naughty, girl it's only one or two

The fevers fucking running, feel the heat between us two!


Chase looked at me while lip syncing the song. He got closer to my seat and whispered in my ear.

“This song reminds me of us.” I said softly.


I turn around and stare at him. I stop staring at him then look at Natalia. She shook her head no. I turned around towards Chase.


“Don’t you fucking touch me! Don’t ever say something like that to me again! You are on this trip because of me, and if I kill you you won’t be any use!” I am sick of his shit.


I turn back around and grab my phone from my pocket. I plug in my earbuds and start listening to music, blocking all noise.


“Great you made her mad.” I slightly hear.


“It’s not my fault she’s hot and I want her.” I rolled my eyes.


We got to the apartment and everything was still there. Our fancy living room, our amazing kitchen, our separate rooms, and even a big bathroom. I brought my suitcase into my room. I had a queen bed in the corner and next to it is a bedside table that is white and has a glass top. I put my bag next to a desk close to the door. I started to unpack but then I heard Chase and Natalia arguing in the kitchen. I walked out there and saw Chase on the opposite side of the island and Natalia holding a knife pointed at him.


“What the hell is going on?!” I grab the knife from Natalia.


“Sit down now and explain to me what’s happening.” I started to sit down as I spoke.


I sat in the middle between both of them. We were sitting on the stools that surrounded the island. I grabbed an apple from the middle of the island, in the human world we have to eat or we will slowly desiccate.


“I can’t believe you did that, Chase!” Natalia raged.


“I just had a moment, I didn’t mean to.” Chase panicked.


“Yeah right if you didn’t mean to, you would’ve done it.” I started to but in.


“Chase, what did you do?” Chase went silent.


“He pulled on my bra strap!” I looked shocked.


“Yes I did, but I didn’t mean to. I was trying to fix it for you, it was sliding down your shoulder.” He looked shy.


“Oh really? So that’s why you have a boner.” Natalia smirked.


Chase looked down and tried to hide it. I rolled my eyes and got up. Chase is such a perv. He wonders why I won’t date him.

I went to the living room and turned on the big flat screen hanging on the wall. I turned it to youtube and started playing sexting by Ludacris. I started to rearrange the living room by moving the couch. Natalia moved four fluffy bean bags to where the couch was. I sat in the a black bean bag that was towards the middle of the screen. Natalia sat in the white one next to it. Chase grabbed his phone from his pocket and called the pizza guy. We all ate pizza and danced to the music that I played on TV.

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