five nights at freddy's - the night of terror -

You want to work at freddy fazbears pizza and you realize it was a mistake...


2. night two - the back room -

You watch the camera again like yesterday but you watched the doors more than the camera. Chica appeared again at the same time and the same place. You quickly shut the door before her hand went up. You sigh in relief and sit down. You watch the stage to see if chica when back and she did. You open the door to save power and wait for freddy or someone else.You hear someone running to the door and you quickly check the camera it was foxy flailing his hook as he runs.You close the door but at the end he had his hook keeping the door open. You are terrified and start kicking the hook to get it out of the way. When you do so you hear a sharp painful screaming sound coming from foxy, It was piercing your ears making you think they where gonna bleed. You stop and then the door flies open to see deep red eyes staring into your soul, foxy stomps one foot down making the floor shake.Then thankfully it turns six am and he returns to pirate cove.You go home and sleep the rest of the day off. You have a dream that foxy was gonna kill you if he came sooner and you'd be stuffed in a fazbear suit in the back room, you wake up and rethink your dream and think your going crazy but then you think again... there was those missing kids that disappeared in that restaurant. Could you be the next missing person?

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