five nights at freddy's - the night of terror -

You want to work at freddy fazbears pizza and you realize it was a mistake...


3. Night three - purple man -

You go to work early to check out the back room. You push open the door to see darkness exept the light behind you showing a shadow version of you. You take your phone out and put on the flash light on and started searching. All you see was very old animatronics and spider webs. You turn a small corner in the room to find a arcade gaming machine. You put in a quoter  and a light flashed on brightens the room. It started with a pixelated version of the Freddy fazbear crew. It said " start, bonus" what's the bonus? You wonder then you start playing. As you played on it got creepier and creepier. At the end there was this man all purple. The game freezes there then it crashes and the room is dark again.You walk to your small office to start the day.Then you start to hear whispers coming from the halls and in your office.You start to think you're going crazy but but it goes away when you shake you're head then they stop. As the night goes on chica was the only one who showed up,foxy stayed in his cove,freddy walked around but when to the stage,bonnie just stared at me with those lifeless eyes, You saw something in the corner of the camera staring at you,Some light was hitting it so you could see a little bit of this "creature".You see some purple on this creature but it turns six am and it disappears.You didn't sleep but you studied the restaurant until five at night. 

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