five nights at freddy's - the night of terror -

You want to work at freddy fazbears pizza and you realize it was a mistake...


1. night one - first job -

You sit at the desk looking at the camera bored as ever.But then you hear a sound down the hall way to your left.No one else was there but you.You gather up all the courage you have and walk to the open door."H-hello?"You ask before poking your head out. Your eyes shot open to see one of the animatronics creeping down the hall.It was chica and when she realized you where watching her she stopped and looked you in the eyes and ran to you. You freak out and hurry to close the door and you fail. You didn't know why chica would do this since she's just a thing of metal. You fell to your feet as she slowly walked to you. Then you look up to see your childhood favorite freddy fazbear. His hand slowly reached down for you but then the clock turned six am, freddy and chica walked to the stage and looked normal. You go home and think you should quit but you need the money for school. Your going back tomorrow.

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