Unexpected Love

This is a DragonBallZ Fanfic. Goku and Vegeta. There will be yaoi in this so if you don't like yaoi, don't read it. Please review! Just try not to be mean, I haven't written for a very long time, so I'm a little rusty.
ALSO I do not own Goku, Vegeta or any other characters. I am simply borrowing them :D


23. The Fight

~~Goku’s POV~~

            I could only stare at my ex-wife with complete shock on my face. I couldn’t believe that she had wished Cooler and Frieza back to life. I knew that they wanted revenge on me. I mean yes future Trunks killed Frieza and his father, but I’m the one who killed Cooler and I left Frieza almost dead on Namek. I could tell that this was going to be a difficult battle and I didn’t want anything to happen to the boys. Gohan knows Frieza’s power and Cooler’s, but Goten and Trunks have never faced Frieza and Cooler before. I’d have to try and keep an eye on them. I glared at Frieza, then Cooler, and finally Chichi, who let out an evil sounding laugh.

            “Why Chichi…? Why would you do this?! You know how powerful they are!” I exclaimed, trying to get an answer from her.

            “Why? Isn’t that obvious? I did it so you could die! You fucking piece of trash! You and those boys are going to die by the end of today!” She screamed, letting out another evil laugh.

            “Let’s get this over with you monkey scum.” Frieza grinned at me and then over at Vegeta.

            “I’m the Prince of all Saiyans… I will not let you defeat me! And I sure as hell won’t let you kill my children or my mate!” Vegeta growled, powering up to Super Saiyan. Goten, Gohan, Trunks, and I all did the same. To my surprise, even Tarro powered up to Super Saiyan. Piccolo had removed his weighted training clothes and together all seven of us prepared for the battle. Vegeta launched himself at Frieza, taking him to the ground. Tarro ran to help out Vegeta while the boys and I went after Cooler. Piccolo went after Chichi. I would have liked to take her on myself, but I had to take care of Cooler and Frieza first. Piccolo could easily handle Chichi, I was sure of it.

~~Third Person POV~~                  

            The battle had begun and all seven warriors were having a difficult time taking on the others. Goten launched himself at Cooler and was easily shaken off. Cooler then picked up Goten and threw him as hard as he could. Goten screamed loudly when he hit a rock really hard, causing him to fall to the ground. Trunks growled loudly and powered up as much as he could before charging at Cooler at full speed. He managed to land a couple of painful blows to Cooler before he was thrown too, getting knocked out and landing close to Goten.

            Goku let out a really loud yell and powered up to Super Saiyan Two, Gohan doing the same. The two of them charged Cooler at the same time, yelling loudly. They threw punch after punch, causing Cooler to fall to his knees. Goku pulled back his fist and punched right through Cooler’s stomach, causing him to cough up blood. Just when Goku thought he had won, Cooler smirked evilly and he then placed his hand on Goku’s stomach, sending an energy blast right through him. Goku screamed loudly and crashed to the ground, holding his stomach tightly. When Vegeta heard Goku scream, he turned around just for a second and when he saw Goku laying there he screamed loudly, powering up to Super Saiyan Two. He flung himself at Cooler, taking him to the ground and punching him repeatedly. Gohan grabbed Goku quickly and moved him to a safe spot. He wrapped up Goku’s stomach to help stop the bleeding and then rushed back out to help Vegeta.

            Piccolo finally managed to get Chichi on the ground and knocked her out quickly. He was pretty sure that she wouldn’t be getting up any time soon so he ran off to help take care of Frieza and Cooler. Goten and Trunks had somehow managed to get back up. They were breathing hard, but the pulled out as much strength as they could and preformed the fusion dance, transforming into Gotenks.

            Gotenks charged at Frieza along with Gohan and they took him to the ground. The two of them punched and kicked as hard as they could as well as firing off multiple energy blasts, but they had little effect. Frieza threw them both off with ease. It looked as if the seven warriors couldn’t win this battle.

            With all seven of them beaten and bloody, Gotenks was struggling to stand, Goku was out cold and Gohan was on his knees, the two tyrants laughed evilly. Vegeta growled loudly and so did Tarro. Vegeta knew that they all had to do something fast or else it would be too late and they’d all be out of energy. He moved over to Trunks, Gohan, and Goten and leaned down between them.

            “Boys…I need all three of you to turn Super Saiyan and launch a Kamehameha…only on my signal. Now get to your feet and get ready.” He said quietly. The three boys did as they were told and got into their stances. By now, Goku had somehow managed to stand up, and stood beside Gohan. Vegeta then went to Piccolo and explained to him that he needed the Namekian to launch his special attack on signal. Piccolo glared slightly but agreed, taking his place. Tarro was also already in place and Vegeta stood beside Goku.

            They stood there for about three minutes before Vegeta gave the signal. All of the Saiyans powered up to Super Saiyan. Goku and the boys all unleashed their Kamehameha attacks, Piccolo unleashed his special attack, Tarro did as well and Vegeta launched a Final Flash attack. All seven attacks spiraled into one and hit both the tyrants and Chichi, blasting them all until nothing was left of them. The last thing that was heard was the screaming of all three of them before everything went silent.

~~Vegeta’s POV~~

            I watched carefully as the smoke cleared. Kakarot had already collapsed back on the ground, Goten and Trunks were struggling to remain standing. The rest of us were breathing hard. Once the smoke cleared, we all cheered for joy. Nothing was left of them, not even a shred of clothing or a scrap of metal. I sighed with relief and went over to Kakarot. I lifted him into my arms and rushed him back inside the capsule house with the others right behind me. We all had a senzu bean, and I then gave Kakarot the last two. I looked at Gohan and Tarro and told them to go find Bulma and the kids while the rest of us stayed behind with Kakarot. My poor warrior was still out cold, but at least he wound had healed nicely. I was relieved that no one had actually died today besides the ones who were supposed to die. It took all of our strength but we were all safe and sound.

            Goten and Trunks were clinging to each other for life. I could see my son crying. He was probably afraid of losing Goten, and I’m sure Goten felt the same way about Trunks. The Namekian was standing in a corner with his arms crossed. I could see a faint smile on his face so I could tell that he was pleased with how today went. I leaned down and nuzzled Kakarot softly. As I went to pull back, his arms suddenly flew up and caught me, holding me down against him. I let out a soft laugh and looked up at him. His eyes were open and he was smiling brightly at me.

            “We did it, Geta! And we didn’t lose anyone!” He exclaimed, hugging me tighter.

            “Yes Kakarot. We didn’t lose anyone at all. Tarro and Gohan went to find Bulma and the twins. They should be back soon and then we can all finally go home.” I smiled and kissed him softly. He kissed me back and tangled his fingers into my hair. I was just relieved that it was all over for now. We were all safe and together, just like it should be. However, I can’t shake this feeling that something else might be out there. I decided to just ignore it for now, and if anything does come, I’ll deal with it when that day comes. Until then, I’ll just stay focused on my family. Deep down, I hoped that Gohan and Tarro would get together. I know Tarro is already attracted to Gohan, but Gohan is scared…I can see it but…Tarro is a patient man. I just know he’s going to be perfect for Gohan. Maybe once everything goes back together, we should give them some alone time. I laughed to myself and began forming a plan in my head. Operation get Gohan and Tarro together would soon be underway. 

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