Unexpected Love

This is a DragonBallZ Fanfic. Goku and Vegeta. There will be yaoi in this so if you don't like yaoi, don't read it. Please review! Just try not to be mean, I haven't written for a very long time, so I'm a little rusty.
ALSO I do not own Goku, Vegeta or any other characters. I am simply borrowing them :D


5. Taken


            Goku pulled away from Vegeta and smiled softly. He was really glad that he had Vegeta when he was sick and was happy that the smaller Saiyan took good care of him. Sighing softly Goku sat down in the grass and pulled Vegeta down with him. He laughed when Vegeta landed on his chest and nuzzled his hair. Suddenly Vegeta jumped up and Goku looked up at him with surprise, hoping he hadn’t crossed any boundaries.

            “Vegeta?” Goku asked, sounding really concerned.

            “I’m sorry Kakarot… I just remembered that I promised Trunks I’d take him to the amusement park today. Just like a father and son day, you know?” Vegeta replied as he looked down at the other male.

            “Oh, I understand Vegeta.” Goku replied, smiling. “Go on and spend time with Trunks. I’ll be just fine and I’ll be waiting here for you when you get back!”

            “T-thanks Kakarot. I shouldn’t be gone very long. Maybe a few hours at the most.” The smaller Saiyan gave the other a small smile before taking off into the air, quickly disappearing from eye sight. Goku settled back down in the grass and sighed softly. He wasn’t entirely sure what to do with the rest of the day. He could get some training in or go see if Gohan or Goten wanted to hang out for a little while. Huffing softly, Goku jumped up from the grass and stretched a little before walking back inside. He headed straight for the kitchen and pulled out some food before he started doing anything else. Food was always the first priority in the morning. It didn’t take Goku long to scarf down the food and clean up the dishes he had used. Once that was done, Goku went upstairs and did his usual routine of changing into his orange training gear and running back down stairs to pull on his blue boots before running back outside.

--Three Hours Later--

            Goku had been training for a few hours before he finally decided to take a break. He sat down in the grass and sighed. He started to really miss Vegeta, even though he had only been gone since this morning. He needed to spend time with Trunks, something he hardly does. Goku laughed softly and ran his hand through his spikey black hair. Suddenly he felt a presence slowly closing in on him. He quickly stood up and picked up his guard. This presence wasn’t like any presence he’s ever felt before. This one was strange. It wasn’t exactly powerful, but it was intimidating. Goku slowly started to look around, unsure where the stranger was going to come from. He even looked above him, but no one was there, at least not yet. He suddenly began to wonder if he was just paranoid or something, but that quickly changed when he felt a huge energy spike. Definitely not one he’s ever felt before.  He knew for sure it wasn’t Piccolo or Vegeta. It was an entirely new power and it was heading straight for him. There was a huge blast of light in front of Goku, causing him to scream and cover his eyes. He felt himself land on the ground, still covering his eyes from the blinding light. Once it cleared, he removed his arms from his face only to find a stranger standing in front of him. He stood up and looked at this stranger. The guy was taller than he was, he had shoulder length blonde hair and bright red eyes, almost like demon eyes. He was wearing white shirt that exposed the top part of his chest, dark blue jeans and no shoes. When the stranger smiled, Goku could see a pair of fangs poking out slightly. The sight of the stranger made Goku shudder slightly.

            “Who are you and what are you doing here?” Goku asked the stranger, glaring slightly.

            “My…you’re a feisty one, aren’t you?” The stranger’s voice was deep and cold. He grinned wildly as he made his way toward Goku.

            “I asked who you are.” Goku growled, stepping back slightly.

            “Now, now, there’s no need to back away. My name is Zylen and I’m here for you, Goku.” The stranger laughed softly as he watched the shock on Goku’s face. “That’s right. I know who you are and I know everything about you. Even the fact that you’re a very powerful Saiyan and it made me decide that you’re perfect to add to my collection.”

            “I think it’s best that you leave and not come back. Unless of course, you’re looking for a fight.” Goku grinned and moved to his fighting stance.

            “So scary. I guess if you won’t come willingly, I’ll just have to force you.” Zylen smirked slightly and walked closer to Goku.

            “Stay away from me!” He yelled as Zylen only got closer. “Stay away…!” Goku suddenly felt something come over his body, making it feel really heavy and causing his vision to blur. He felt his knees give out, causing him to hit the ground. No matter how much he tried to fight it, he just couldn’t. When he tried to speak, he realized he couldn’t find any words. Zylen was suddenly standing over him, laughing softly.

            “There now. That wasn’t so hard, was it?” Zylen knelt down beside Goku and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Now, let’s get going. You’re going to fit in nicely. I just know it.” Before Goku could even try to ask any questions, there was suddenly a blinding light again and then they were both suddenly gone.

            Goku awoke in a strange room. It was dark and cold inside the room, but there was no one else there with him. He started to sit up, but something stopped him. He heard the rattling of chains and when he went to lift his arm to feel around his neck, he saw one on his wrist. He grinned softly. Chains weren’t an issue for him. If this stranger had really been watching him, he should know that. Bracing himself, Goku quickly tried to jerk the chains from the wall, only to find himself getting zapped with a strong electrical current that caused him to scream loudly.  Impossible… Goku thought to himself before the shock caused him to pass out once again.


            Vegeta had gotten home a lot later than he had really planned. The sun had already set and he probably had Kakarot worried. He landed in front of the cabin, shocked to see that it was completely dark inside. He slowly walked up to the door and turned the knob, surprised to see that it was unlocked. It was strange. Kakarot never leaved the door unlocked if he left the house. Getting worried himself, Vegeta rushed inside and turned on every light possible. He checked every single room, calling for Kakarot as loudly as he could. Something was wrong. This wasn’t like Kakarot at all. He couldn’t even find a note or anything. Nothing was taken, so it’s not like the taller Saiyan had just up and left without so much as a warning. Vegeta bolted outside, still screaming for his mate. He suddenly noticed where two patches of grass had been burned a little. They were only a few feet from each other too. He knew for a fact that Kakarot wasn’t capable of something like that and neither was anyone else around here. That could only mean one think. Vegeta gasped to himself. Kakarot had somehow been taken by someone but how or why was a huge mystery to Vegeta. He screamed as loud as he could, clearly pissed off. He just hoped that he could somehow find Kakarot before something bad happened. Kakarot…I promise…I’ll find you and I will save you. Vegeta sank to his knees and hit the ground really hard with his fist. This was too horrifying to be real, but it had to be. There were no other explanations. 

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